sitting in a sentence

We were sitting in small groups on different tables.

Hundreds of birds were sitting in a tree.

I spotted a wolf sitting near a tree.

Why does a person sitting in a fast-moving vehicle bend forward with a jerk when the vehicle suddenly stops?

The hooting of the owl is supposed to bring disaster in the neighbourhood, or to the particular house he is sitting on.

What are you doing sitting here?”

What are you doing there sitting and staring ?

Sitting for long hours can be painful for your back.

Do you love sitting comfortably on your couch?

Sitting is not always relaxation.

Have you realised that sitting for long hours can shorten your life?

Sitting on the chair for too long is a threat to ones health.

Sitting for long can harm your health.

Sitting all day can hinder your health.

Avoid sitting for long hours at a stretch.

Sitting for long is one of the things heart patients should avoid.

It is better to drink water in the sitting position.

Long periods of sitting can gradually kill.

People nowadays spend too much time sitting in front of the computer or television.

Sitting all day can ruin your life.

This novel is too interesting to be left unread in one sitting.

The chair on which you are sitting is made of teak.

The table on which you are sitting is very old.

She was sitting next to me.

We were sitting under a tree.

She was sitting to the left of her mother.

He is sitting on a bench.

She is sitting by the side of her mother.

“He is sitting besi de me.”

The man sitting next to you is a lawyer.

He was sitting in his study.

The dog is sitting close to his master.

He is sitting on the mat.

Why are you all sitting here doing nothing ?

He was sitting next to me.

He was bored sitting.

They are sitting on the floor.

Sitting on a chair she wrote a letter.

Who is sitting in the chair ?

I don’t mind his sitting there.

He is sitting in his study.

He was sitting next to her.

Who is the man sitting cross-legged on the bench ?

My grand-mother is sitting by the fire.

Many birds are sitting on the bough of the tree.

He wrote most of his poems sitting in a garden.

He is sitting at his reading table.

It can’t be good sitting in the sun all day.

Who is the woman talking to my brother sitting next to him?

He has been sitting there for two hours.

I’m sitting on the sofa.

I was sitting while smoking a pipe.

I know the boy who is sitting closest to the door.

She was sitting in the room.

His mother was sitting in the back corridor.

Do you mind our sitting here.

The main problem faced by students is that of sitting accommodation.

He likes sitting idle.

I am tired of sitting idle.

The bird sitting in the tree was watching all this.

He asked us why we were all sitting about there doing nothing.

The University debarred him from sitting for the examination.

I was sitting in the arm chair.

Why are you all sitting here doing nothing ?

Birds are sitting on the branches.

Some of them were sitting on the branches of the trees.

He was sitting on a pile of bricks.

We are sitting on the bench.

He was sitting on the first bench.

She was sitting at her desk.

She was sitting with her back to me.

He was sitting next to her.

I enjoy myself sitting alone.

Why are you all sitting about there doing nothing ?

They were sitting on a park bench.

He was sitting ON the table.

I asked the boys sitting there but no one could give me a satisfactory reply.

The boy was sitting on the ground and seemed to be planting some thing.

Who is the man sitting crossed-legged on the bench ?

The students are sitting in the class.

I found the child sitting outside.

He is sitting on the bench.

You can also do it while standing up or sitting down.

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