Silent in a sentence

A few days ago, I got emotional while watching a short silent film.

A silent man is often reputed to be wise.

All men are not silent listeners.

All was silent in the house.

All was silent throughout the castle.

All were silent for some time.

Be silent in the library

Depression is a silent killer which has killed people since time immemorial.

Everyone was silent as the teacher was announcing the results of the examination.

He is reduced to the status of a silent spectator.

He is silent in shame.

He is unusually silent today.

He kept silent all day.

He kept silent during the meal.

He kept silent during the meeting.

He remained silent during the meeting.

He remained silent for a while.

He remained silent like a stone.

He stood silent for a moment before speaking.

He was a silent worker known for his skill in organisation.

He was silent for a long time.

He was silent for quite a while.

He was silent for what seemed to me an hour.

I have been silent for a long time.

In order to remain silent you must have something to say.

It was a silent night in winter.

Put your phone on silent or keep it at a distance when you sit to study or work.

Say something nice or remain silent for a moment.

She fell silent suddenly.

She remained silent all day.

She was silent for a moment before she answered.

Students must keep silent during a class.

The fact that he is silent proves his guilt.

The forest was silent then.

The silent prayer is his only hope.

There was no breeze and the trees stood silent and motionless.

They kept silent for fear of offending her.

They remain silent spectators.

They were both silent for a while.

We sat silent but she broke the ice by starting to laugh.

Who is silent is held to consent.

Why are they silent today?

Why did the women fall silent ?

Why had the town been called silent ?

Why were you silent all the time?

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