shortcomings in a sentence

In order to overcome the shortcomings present in our educational system, many Education Commissions have been set up from time to time to suggest necessary changes.

He criticizes others, and overlooks his own shortcomings.

We can eliminate our shortcomings and develop our character.

Reviewing your performance is helpful because it enables you to understand your shortcomings and perform better the next time.

The world is not interested in your shortcomings, It is interested in your plus points.

Most of the time we are not aware of our shortcomings till someone else points it out.

He is blind to his son’s shortcomings.

I am alive to my shortcomings.

Some people are blind to their children’s shortcomings.

There have been shortcomings in our planning as well as in its implementation.

He is not blind to the shortcomings of his son.

Every player should identify his shortcomings and devise ways and means to rectify them.

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