shed in a sentence


Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

There are several ways to shed weight and burn off fat!

The thyroid controls the rate at which you shed your skin.

Do you want to shed the extra weight?

Oats have gained popularity because of its property to shed some extra weight.

I will never shed tears to get back into the relationship.

It’s normal to shed a few hair strands on a daily basis.

The coat of the dog needs to be clean as they shed lots of hair.

Some babies shed tears only after four or five months.

Most people believe that missing breakfast will make them shed weight.

To shed hair is normal.

Are you planning to shed weight the natural way?

Do not ever try to shed weight during pregnancy.

They shed crocodile tears onto anyone who would listen to them.

Dandruff can double up the amount of hair you shed in a day.

It is one of the best remedies to shed weight.

There are a large number of people who want to shed weight.

Trees and plants tend to shed their leaves in winter season.

Rain drops shed pretensions.

Honey mobilises the stored fat in body and helps you shed some weight.

Strong people don’t shed tears.

He shed crocodile tears at the death of his

I have put up a shed for my cow.

He will never shed superstitions.

The cow is eating in the shed.

He shed womanish tears when he had to face his foe.

He shed crocodile tears at the death of his step-brother.

There was no one but shed a tear over his misfortune.

She shed crocodile tears at the death of her mother-in-law.

Don’t shed blood.

He put up a shed in the garden.

The poor girl shed tears.

The roof of a shed was blown away and was carried to a distance.

With regular exercise she shed some of her weight.

There is no proper shed in front of the booking window in most of the cinema houses.

Hardly I had met him than he began to shed tears.

Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

The snake shed its skin.

There was no one but shed a tear over his misfortune.

It helps shed dead cells by softening the skin.

Do not shed crocodile tears.

They shed tears at the news.

They shed their blood for their independence.

She shed crocodile tears over his death.

She tried not to shed a tear.

I cannot shed a tear for that horrible man.

Clean out the shed and throw away things you don’t need.

She could not help to shed tears.

It not only increases blood circulation but also helps shed fat deposits.

The sun shed its warm rays upon the lush green meadow, creating a picturesque scene.

She decided to shed some old clothes that no longer fit and donate them to a local charity.

The snake shed its skin as it grew, leaving behind a delicate, translucent layer.

The trees shed their leaves in the autumn, creating a vibrant carpet of colors on the ground.

The cat shed its fur all over the furniture, requiring regular vacuuming to keep the house tidy.

The company had to shed some employees during the economic downturn to cut costs.

The storm clouds finally cleared, and the rain stopped shedding drops from the sky.

The actress shed her glamorous image for a gritty role in the new independent film.

The dog shook itself, shedding water all over the floor after a bath.

The research shed light on a previously unknown aspect of the ancient civilization’s culture.

The professor shed new insights on the topic during the lecture, leaving the students fascinated.

The old house shed its paint, revealing the weathered wood underneath.

The documentary shed a harsh light on the social issues faced by the marginalized community.

The book aims to shed misconceptions and present a more accurate understanding of historical events.

The therapy sessions helped him shed the emotional baggage he had carried for years.

The investigation shed doubt on the suspect’s alibi, leading to further questioning.

The witness’s testimony shed crucial light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the crime.

The experiment shed valuable data on the behavior of the newly discovered species.

The documentary shed a positive light on the inspiring achievements of the humanitarian organization.

The historical documents shed insight into the lives of people during a bygone era.

The seminar aimed to shed awareness on the importance of mental health and well-being.

The scientific study sought to shed understanding on the effects of climate change on wildlife populations.

The artist’s new exhibition shed a fresh perspective on abstract art, garnering critical acclaim.

The autobiographical book shed intimate details about the author’s personal struggles and triumphs.

The actor had to shed weight for his role in the upcoming movie, transforming his appearance drastically.

The company decided to shed excess inventory to make room for new product lines.

The historian’s research shed significant insights into the political motivations behind the historical event.

The charity event aimed to shed awareness of the urgent need for clean drinking water in developing countries.

The scientist’s groundbreaking discovery shed new light on a previously unsolved scientific mystery.

The investigative journalist’s article shed a critical spotlight on government corruption.

The storyteller’s captivating narrative shed a fantastical world where anything seemed possible.

The lunar eclipse shed an eerie, reddish hue on the moon, captivating stargazers around the world.

The survey was conducted to shed understanding on consumer preferences and buying behaviors.

The therapy session allowed her to shed emotional baggage and find healing after a traumatic experience.

The rehabilitation program aimed to help individuals shed their addiction and regain control of their lives.

The CEO’s address to the shareholders shed optimism about the company’s future prospects.

The wildlife documentary shed insight into the natural behaviors and habitats of endangered species.

The expert’s analysis shed clarity on the economic factors influencing the current market trends.

The school assembly shed awareness on the importance of practicing kindness and empathy.

The new study shed further evidence to support the theory of evolution.

The poet’s eloquent words shed light on the complexities of human emotions and relationships.

The political debate shed contrasting viewpoints on key issues affecting the nation.

The documentary filmmaker aimed to shed understanding on the environmental impacts of industrialization.

The support group provided a safe space for individuals to shed their emotional burdens and find healing.

The mentor’s guidance helped the young entrepreneur shed doubts and pursue their business aspirations.

The interactive workshop allowed participants to shed their inhibitions and freely express themselves.

The historical artifact shed valuable information about the customs and traditions of ancient civilizations.

The research paper shed critical insights into the potential health benefits of a balanced diet.

The comedian’s humor shed light on societal issues, offering both laughter and thought-provoking commentary.

The investigative journalist’s report shed exposure on corporate malpractices, leading to a public outcry.

The detective’s keen observations shed suspicion on a previously overlooked suspect.

The social media campaign shed awareness on mental health and encouraged open discussions about it.

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