share in a sentence

The elder brother got a lion’s share in his father’s property.

We should not deprive others of their share in them.

She was annoyed by his unwillingness to do his share of the work.

The share market was in full swing.

I shall take steps to ensure that everybody does his share of work.

We share their experiences.

The elder brother got the lion’s share of the property.

I ordered for a tea party to share joy with near and dear ones.

A child during adolescence prefers to share his feelings with his peer group.

I never wanted to share my problems with anyone.

He does not want to share his experiences with others.

A lion’s share of energy comes from non-renewable sources.

Who will I share my life with?

I have a beautiful person like you to share my life with.

How many share-holders are there in this firm ?

He did not give me my share.

When the money was divided, he got the lion’s share.

It was generous of him to share the food.

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