several in a sentence

I have several friends, but he is my best friend.

He wrote several books.

In olden days, a wedding used to be an affair of several days.

My uncle has several servants.

There are several menaces in life.

He has several dependants to feed and clothe.

There are several types of street beggars all over the world.

Cow milk is used all over the world to prepare several eatable items and things.

Trees are of great use in several ways.

Our good health needs several things to get done on a daily basis.

There are several menaces in life.

There are several starvation deaths in our country.

There are several types of vehicles moving on the road.

My father had seen several hardships in his life.

His creative skills have been lauded by several eminent personalities.

There are several types of shark, some of which can attack people swimming.

There are several variations of bipolar disorder.

She has torn several pages out of her book.

Several people were after the same job.

He had made several mistakes.

I have passed several examinations.

We tried several bicycles and then selected this.

He made several efforts but failed.

The camel can go without water for several days.

He is the editor of several magazines.

Several buildings were damaged in the earthquake.

Several people were hurt in the accident.

God is one but the ways of realising him are several.

Several people witnessed the accident.

He had kicked the bucket after suffering from cancer for several years.

I am going to market to purchase several stationery items for the office.

Several things have been stolen from his shop.

He made several hasty calls.

He faced several hardships.

He escaped several times but was finally caught.

We eat several dainties on Diwali day.

We have several friends here.

We had been working together for several weeks.

I have to face several difficulties.

He made several mistakes in his essay.

He made several new discoveries.

We are inviting several people to a party.

He has made several records.

He wrote several books.

It’s rained several times this week.

Man makes several plans which sometimes come to nothing in a moment.

He has won several prizes for solving puzzles.

I had met the Education Minister several times earlier.

My dog went mad and bit several other dogs.

I have read this novel several times.

There are several hotels in this town.

This matter will take several hours.

I’ve worked here for several years.

Penicillin grants immunity against several diseases.

There are several advantages to shopping online.

He has several firsts to his credit.

She made several mistakes in her test.

He had made several unsuccessful attempts.

I had to brave several storms in my life.

I had several amusing experience in my life.

I have shut the door in his face as he had deceived me several times.

He has helped me several times.

Atomic energy is being used in several fields of life.

Our Earth’s atmosphere is divided into several layers.

He won several film awards in different categories.

I have called him several times since morning.

There were several stars to be seen in the sky.

The temperature has been below freezing for several days.

There are several customers in the restaurant.

She reflected for several seconds.

The rain was continuous for several hours.

He leapt up at the grapes several times.

They lost several chances of scoring a goal.

She carried several stale chapatis.

He worked on the ship for several days.

She carried several stale chapattis with her for the village dogs.

I saw several good programs.

Do you always check your work several times?

He made several calls hastily.

Moreover, it can offer several benefits.

There are several ailments and health problems that come with obesity in children.

Pregnancy at a tender age has several short-term and long-term health complications.

Grapes have several nutrients .

The case had witnessed several twists and turns in the past six years.

There was water supply problem for several days here.

He has raised the matter several times before the civic body, but to no avail.

Teenage pregnancy poses several short-term and long-term complications for babies.

There are several variations of tattoo designs.

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