set in a sentence

I have set my mind on being a teacher in a college.

A nuclear reactor can be set in any locality to supply electricity.

Set the alarm at five.

He works for a set goal.

The prisoners were set at liberty.

Please set the table for dinner.

He set the record in the high jump.

She has purchased a tea set of silver.

Might I borrow your sofa set ?

The sun having set we stopped our journey.

Let us set aside our personal feelings in this matter.

Films set fashions in dress.

They set the bus on fire.

A new factory has been set up here.

The rains have set in.

The sun had set before we reached home.

Please set me free.

Summer has set in.

How did he set up his news agency ?

The dacoits set the house on fire.

He received your telegram and set off at once.

He set light to the papers.

Help me set the table for dinner.

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