Servant-word meaning in hindi

Noun : कर्मचारी, चाकर, टहलुआ, दास, नौकर, नौकरानी, भक्त, भृत्य, मुलाजिम, सेवक, मुलाज़िम, लोक-सेवक

Example Sentences :

Has she asked for a new servant ?

I often saw him losing his temper with our servant and other members of the family.

The Manager ordered the servant to go and post that letter.

He gave his servant a kick.

His servant could not bear the insult.

The servant will be happy with another increment.

Am I your servant ?

The servant ran away with my watch.

A dishonest servant is always in bad odour of his master.

The servant swept the room.

My servant has been ill for the last four days.

The servant having brought the lamp, I began my home-work.

He made his servant cook.

She dismissed her servant ?

My servant has reported the matter to your wife.

The servant will have cleaned the office.

Had the servant been dismissed by her?

My servant said that breakfast was ready.

His servant is not faithful to him.

Your servant is a coward boy.

The servant came into the house.

The servant came running.

Going home, I found my servant absent.

I went home and found my servant absent.

Going home, I found the servant absent.

Has she dismissed her servant ?

The servant has not broken all these cups.

On returning home, I found the servant absent.

He ordered his servant to bring him a cup of hot coffee.

The servant has broken the cups.

My servant made off with my watch.

Keep an eye on the servant because he seems to be a rogue.

First he dismisssed his servant from service and then added insult to injury by calling him a thief.

Has she asked for a new servant ?

He inquired of the servant about the theft of his watch.

I ordered my servant not to disturb me when I am busy.

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