servant in a sentence

The postman is an important public servant.

Greatest man is he who is the servant of all.

The servant went downstairs with a gesture of impatience.

He wreaked his anger on his servant.

While sweeping the room, the servant found a rupee lying in the corner.

I dispensed with the services of my servant.

Your worthless servant has committed a terrible error.

I will help you as your humble servant.

His mother used to work as a servant in many houses and had led their family.

I asked the servant to come in.

He ordered his servant to bring him a cup of tea.

He made his servant cook.

He treats his servant in a notoriously mean way.

I gave my servant a new coat.

He has chucked out his old servant.

He is a government servant; so he is a bird of passage.

A woman with a big family cannot do without a maid servant.

He was not happy with his servant so he paid him off.

I cannot put up with such an impertinent servant.

I ordered my servant not to disturb me when I was busy.

A car is a white elephant for a public servant.

He ordered the servant to hurry up and not to waste time.

I am not your servant.

Please don’t pick at your poor servant.

The servant has broken the cups.

Keep an eye on the servant because he seems to be a rogue.

She is our maid servant.

He was sick of his servant.

He had dismissed his servant.

I found the servant absent.

She has asked for a new servant.

On returning home, I found the servant absent.

I am a public servant.

How careless the servant is !

He requires a child servant.

He has been offended with his servant.

Our servant left us two weeks ago.

My servant is at my beck and call.

I shall get this work done by my servant.

I have a servant.

I cannot do without my servant.

They sent a servant to attend upon me.

She is always finding fault with her maid servant.

He treats his servant meanly.

I want to get rid of my foolish servant.

I told my servant not to disturb me while I was busy.

He ordered the servant to bring him a glass of water.

He is beating his servant with a stick.

I ordered my servant not to disturb me when I am busy.

The servant was punished for theft.

She has turned off her servant.

He called the servant.

He was moved by the entreaties of his servant.

The servant washed the clothes.

He decided to dismiss the servant.

Her behaviour with servant is generally ridiculous.

She dismissed her servant ?

Let the servant sleep.

He is insulting his servant.

You have given a long rope to your servant.

The dishonest servant ran away.

Our servant has run away.

I gave my suit to your servant for dry cleaning.

The servant was not cleaning the room.

My servant is faithful to me.

He made his servant do all the work.

A servant must obey his master.

The master threatened to fine the servant if he was late again.

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