serious in a sentence

These quarrels often take a serious turn.

He has been admitted to a hospital in a serious condition.

He found many serious errors in them.

Don’t jest about serious things.

There is a serious charge against him.

Some students are never serious in their studies throughout the year.

They are not serious about their studies.

Yesterday, there was a serious quarrel between two women of our street.

Rising prices is a serious problem of our country.

But whatever the cause, it was a very serious accident.

He got bumped off in a serious road accident.

It has now assumed serious proportions.

The accident was too serious to see.

This matter is too serious for us

The polluted water has become a serious health hazard for the residents of the city.

The surgeons are performing a serious operation.

Unfortunately a very serious accident occurred.

You may be a little more serious in your studies.

I take serious exception to this type of remark.

It is a serious political problem.

Unemployment is one of the serious problems of India.

She is afflicted with a serious disease.

My mother scolds me only when I do some serious mistake.

Noise pollution is a serious health hazard.

Rising pollution is a serious threat to human life.

How much serious reading have you done?

It is not such a serious matter as you are taking it.

War has serious impact on the environment.

Are you serious?

I am serious about it?

Choosing a career is a serious task.

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