Sensitive-word meaning in hindi

Noun : दिल को छूने वाला

Adjective : गुप्त, ग्रहणशील, नाजुक, निजी, भावुक, शीघ्रग्राही, संवेदनशील, सचेतन, सुग्राही, सूक्ष्म, तेज़, छूने से सिकुड़ने वाला, दिल को छूने वाला, जल्द नाराज़ हो जानेवाला, अप्रसन्न हो जानेवाला

Example Sentences :

Avoid excessive use of oil on highly sensitive skin.

Musicians are usually sensitive to criticism.

The director is sensitive to criticism.

A dog is sensitive to smell.

They are too sensitive about feelings.

My sister is sensitive about her thick legs.

I am very sensitive to heat.

Don’t be too sensitive to criticism.

I’m very sensitive to cold. May I have another blanket?

The eye is sensitive to light.

He is a sensitive child.

You are too sensitive to noise.

Many flowers are sensitive to touch.

She is very sensitive to both praise and blame.

A sensitive person is pleased or displeased too quickly.

He is not only sensitive but sensible also.

It is very sensitive to sound.

He trampled my sensitive toe.

She is sensitive to even casual remarks.

He is too sensitive not to mind your nonsense.

The plant is sensitive to light.

They can be sensitive and sensible to their status.

People should be fair and unbiased while handling the sensitive issues like passing judgements.

She is so sensitive to criticism that the slightest frown will bring tears to her eyes.

He is sensitive to both praise and blame.

He is such a sensitive fellow that he wears his heart on his sleeve.

A woman is more sensitive than a man.

A woman is more sensitive than a man.

She is sensitive to their feelings and needs.

He is sensitive to cold.

They are sensitive to their criticism.

Do you have sensitive skin and want to treat it with care?

For those having sensitive skin it would be best to test on a small area.