sensitive in a sentence


Saffron is sensitive to light.

The soldier is very sensitive about his honour.

Our hearts should be sensitive to appreciate the beauties of nature.

He is sensitive in the matter of reputation.

Children are extremely sensitive to sounds and pictures.

Be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

People with bipolar disorder are very sensitive.

Cats are intelligent and sensitive creatures.

I am a very sensitive person.

Women are more sensitive than men.

I am very sensitive to criticism.

Sensitive persons are generally unhappy.

She is sensitive to even casual remarks.

The plant is sensitive to light.

Sharks are sensitive to light.

Cow slaughter is a sensitive matter for Hindus.

She has a sensitive nature.

He has a very sensitive heart.

He is so sensitive, even trivial things upset him.

Many flowers are sensitive to touch.

He is sensitive to cold.

This plant is very sensitive to touch.

He is very sensitive.

She is very sensitive and has a tenderheart.

Her skin is very sensitive.

This is a sensitive matter.

A sensitive person is pleased or displeased too quickly.

It is very sensitive to sound.

We should be sensitive and sympathetic towards him.

He has a soft and sensitive heart.

He is not only sensitive but sensible also.

She is sensitive to praise and blame.

Many flowers are sensitive to touch.

She is very sensitive to both praise and blame.

It is very sensitive to sound.

She is sensitive to even casual remarks.

Do not say anything to him, he is very sensitive.

He was sensitive to criticism.

My teeth are very sensitive to cold.

He is sensitive to cold.

He is very sensitive.

This plant is very sensitive to touch.

Is this tooth sensitive to cold foods?

Women with sensitive eyes need to wear their eye makeup carefully.

Babies are very sensitive in nature especially the newborn ones.

Eye zone is very sensitive and the skin is thinner on that part.

Organ donation is a very sensitive subject in our country due to certain superstitious beliefs.

The skin around our nails is sensitive and needs to be handled gently.

There are many home remedies that you can apply to care for sensitive teeth.

They are very emotional and sensitive people in general.

This paste is safe even for application on sensitive skin.

Toddlers skin is very sensitive and soft.

I’m sensitive to heat

I steered clear of sensitive topics.

He is sensitive to light

A child is very sensitive to its mother’s love.

You are too sensitive to criticism.

My eyes are very sensitive to the light.

His skin is very sensitive to temperature changes.

I am very sensitive to heat.

I am very sensitive to the cold.

You are too sensitive to noise.

He is very sensitive to cold.

He is very sensitive to criticism.

She is sensitive about her looks.

She is exceedingly sensitive to the cold.

She is sensitive to current fashions.

If your skin is soft and sensitive waxing your body or face can be a very painful affair.

This is great for people with dull and sensitive skin.

Waxing is a painful method and can cause rashes to sensitive skin.

She is a sensitive person, easily moved to tears by heartwarming stories.

As a sensitive artist, he poured his emotions into every brushstroke, creating powerful and evocative paintings.

He handled the delicate situation with sensitivity, showing empathy and understanding to all parties involved.

Her sensitive nature made her an excellent listener, always attuned to the feelings and needs of others.

The new company policy touched on a sensitive issue, sparking a heated discussion among employees.

The movie depicted a sensitive portrayal of mental health issues, raising awareness and promoting empathy.

It’s crucial to be sensitive when giving feedback to someone, considering their feelings and self-esteem.

She avoids discussing her past trauma with most people, as it’s a sensitive subject for her.

The team handled the customer’s complaint with sensitivity, resolving the issue to their satisfaction.

When discussing cultural differences, it’s essential to be sensitive to avoid offending anyone unintentionally.

The therapist provided a safe and sensitive environment for the client to open up about their struggles.

The journalist’s article was a sensitive exposé on government corruption, shedding light on a hidden issue.

The teacher showed sensitivity to the student’s struggles, providing extra support and encouragement.

The comedian’s jokes were offensive and lacked sensitivity, causing discomfort among the audience.

The discussion about the recent tragedy required sensitivity, as emotions were still raw and tender.

The organization implemented sensitivity training to foster a more inclusive and understanding work environment.

The volunteer organization handled cases involving survivors of abuse with great sensitivity and confidentiality.

The sensitive issue of racial discrimination was addressed during the diversity training, encouraging open dialogue.

The photographer captured sensitive and poignant moments during the memorial service, preserving memories for grieving families.

The politician’s remarks about a sensitive social matter sparked a heated debate among constituents.

The therapist used a sensitive approach to help the client work through past traumas and heal emotional wounds.

The company’s HR department conducted sensitivity training to promote an inclusive and respectful workplace culture.

The documentary portrayed the struggles of marginalized communities with sensitivity, giving them a voice.

The novel tackled sensitive themes like loss and identity, resonating deeply with readers.

The artist’s sensitive portrayal of nature in her paintings conveyed a deep appreciation for its beauty.

She was sensitive to changes in her pet’s behavior, noticing when they were feeling unwell or anxious.

The organization issued a statement expressing sensitivity and condolences following a tragic event.

The therapist approached the client’s history of abuse with utmost sensitivity, allowing them to heal at their own pace.

The school implemented a sensitivity program to address bullying and promote empathy among students.

The manager showed sensitivity to employees’ work-life balance, offering flexible scheduling when needed.

The movie dealt with the sensitive topic of addiction, shedding light on the struggle and recovery process.

The journalist wrote a sensitive article about a local charity, bringing attention to their valuable work in the community.

The counselor created a safe and sensitive space for couples to address their relationship issues constructively.

The company conducted a sensitivity audit to identify and address potential biases in their hiring practices.

The support group provided a sensitive environment for individuals dealing with grief and loss to share their experiences.

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