Selfless-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : आत्मत्यागी, निष्काम, निस्वार्थी, स्वार्थहीन, निस्स्वार्थ, स्वार्थरहित, आत्मबलिदानी, बेग़रज़, निस्सवार्थ

Example Sentences :

They should be ready to render selfless service to their country.

His selfless service and his love for the country, made him win respect and honour.

She won the heart of everyone through her selfless service to mankind.

They devote their lives to selfless service.

What was the effect of their selfless action ?

He is remembered for his selfless service.

Only selfless service of mankind can win His blessings.

On this day teachers are honoured for their selfless services.

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