scared in a sentence

He scared me by talking about ghosts.

Those who are scared of tests cannot triumph in life.

Parents and teachers have the responsibility to see that the child does not get scared of school or teachers.

Often he gets scared by loud sounds.

In case of failures, one should not be scared of the comments and criticism of the people.

He looked a little scared.

Are you scared of dogs?

Are you scared of a mosquito?

He looked nervous and scared.

I am not scared of dying.

I am scared of you.

He scared away the stray animals.

The farmer scared off the stray animals.

What are you scared of?

He is extremely scared.

I am very scared.

I am not scared of anything as my parents always support me.

I am scared of being framed.

I am scared to express my views in this matter.

I am scared of my Hindi and Sanskrit teachers.

Who isn’t scared of unrequited love?

It was pitch dark and I was scared.

He is very bossy and a lot of men are scared of him.

Are you scared?

I am scared of my wife in all ways.

I am scared of going on a plane.

I am not scared of you.

I am very scared of heights.

I am scared of losing her.

Why is she so scared of you?

Do you think I scared it.

You are too much scared of it without any cause.

I am scared, I haven’t studied anything.

He is always scared of the adversities of life.

I am not scared of the ghosts.

Children are scared of these dogs.

A coward is always scared of dangers.

Many students find mathematics difficult and get scared of it.

Children are scared of these dogs.

He was scared and this surprised me.

Do you think I scared it.

The press should not be scared of influential people.

The thunder scared them.

I am not scared of the ghosts.

Undergoing a surgery is something that most of us are scared of.

He was very scared when he saw this big snake.

A loud noise in the night scared him.

I’m scared of killing animals.

There’s nothing to be scared of.

She was scared at the sight of the dead body.

He had a scared look on his face.

You scared me!.

He was scared when the monkey jumped at him.

I was very scared of snakes.

He is scared of heights.

She became scared when she noticed the man following her.

I was scared that you might leave me.

He was scared to get into the water.

I was scared to be alone in the dark.

The thunder scared the children.

I was scared at the mere thought of it.

They were scared at the sight of the ghost.

She was scared to cross the road.

She is not scared of taking big risks.

She scared the cat away.

She was so scared that she couldn’t speak.

The animals were scared by the thunder.

I’m not the least bit scared of you.

I’m scared all the time.

I’m not scared of any question.

Synonyms of Scared


He was afraid being caught.

He is afraid of being robbed.

He is afraid of being murdered at any moments.

Why are people afraid of thinking freely ?

He was afraid to attempt it.

They were too afraid to begin the work.


Some of the victims were aghast at the treatment .

I’m aghast at the lack of manners


She is very anxious about her son’s health.

I am anxious to know my son’s result.

He was anxious to catch the train.

The mother is anxious about her son’s progress.

She is very anxious about the health of her children.

I was anxious for a new word processor.


She panicked when she heard the news.


Don’t get petrified.


Although he has shaken off fever, yet he looks run down and pale.

I come back home as a completely shaken person.

We were all shaken out of slumber.

She was proud that she had shaken hands with the President of the U.S.

He was visibly shaken after the accident.

My resolution was shaken when I heard about it.


The cracking sound startled us.

At the slightest sound, it gets startled and begins to bark.

I was startled at the sight of a snake.

I startled him from his brown study.


It terrified him.

The fact terrified me.

Everyone was terrified of being bitten by it.

They terrified the little children.

She is terrified of the dark.

He is terrified of the dark.



Having cold feet



Antonyms of Scared


I was young and bright, bold and idealistic.


A brave person never dies whereas a coward dies every day of his existence.

You are a brave boy.

A brave person plays the game of life cheerfully.

She was a wonderful, brave little girl indeed” !


I thank you once again and feel confident that you will continue showing kindness.

You’re confident in us.

He is confident of satisfying the Selection Committee and getting the job.


The cool and fresh air will refresh our brains.

The cool breeze dries up his sweat.

The morning breeze is cool and life-giving.

Tell me, how do you keep your cool ?

It’s quite cool today.


These courageous people are proof that the militants can be defeated.

All his followers looked up to him as a wise and courageous man.

You were courageous to tell the truth.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

He did a courageous act.

I am not a courageous person by nature.


Being encouraged by his success, he made further efforts.

He encouraged him to leave right away.

The hope of his return encouraged me.


We hope you will be happy with your stay here.

You certainly look happy about something.

I suppose that she was happy then.

I was happy to find that they agreed to my plan.

We are happy to have you join our team.

I was happy to see him.

We were all very happy at breakfast.



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