scarcity in a sentence

Water insecurity and scarcity has affected people’s living in many countries of the developing world.

Hoarders and black marketeers create artificial scarcity.

There is no scarcity of food in our country.

We are facing acute water scarcity these days.

Drinking water scarcity may cause hatred among societies.

We are protesting against water scarcity.

There is no scarcity of drinking water in my city.

Owing to years of water scarcity, We have sold off our land.

Conserve water to battle scarcity.

Why are we facing acute power scarcity these days?

Rapid growth in population is a major cause of water scarcity.

Water scarcity is a serious problem.

The scarcity of land is leading to exorbitant increase in prices of land in the city.

Farmers face fuel scarcity ahead of sowing season.

Owing to the scarcity of water, many villagers have abandoned their cattle.

We have migrated because of drought and scarcity of water.

What should we do to remove water scarcity in this area?

There was scarcity of foodgrains because of a severe drought.

These days there is scarcity of milk and fruit even in villages.

Many areas face the problem of water scarcity.

We must brood over water scarcity.

The people living in this locality are facing acute scarcity of water.

There is an acute scarcity of proper drinking water in many villages.

There is a scarcity of vegetables because of the transport strike.

But for the last two months, there has been a great scarcity of water.

In summer we feel scarcity of water.

We must brood over water scarcity.

There is great scarcity of water in our district.

Inspite of the fact that three-fourths of the earth consists of water, yet there is a scarcity of potable water.

There is no scarcity of water.

There is no scarcity of food in our country.

Synonyms of Scarcity

dearth, drought, paucity, shortage, need, deficit, want,  deficiency, inadequacy, undersupply

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