Safe synonym-another word for safe in English

Intact, Protected, Secure, Okay, Snug, Buttoned Up, Cherished, Free From Danger, Guarded, Home-Free, Impervious, Impregnable, In Safety, Inviolable, Invulnerable, Maintained, Out Of Danger, Out Of Harm’s Way, Preserved, Safe And Sound, Safeguarded, Sheltered, Shielded, Sitting Pretty, Tended, Unassailable, Undamaged, Under Lock And Key, Under One’s Wing, Unharmed, Unhurt, Uninjured


Example Sentences :

I heard this from a safe source.

This river is safe to swim in.

It is safe to skate on this lake.

You will be safe from any danger here.

This is the cheapest and safe course of action.

It is not safe to walk barefoot.

This toy is safe for little children.

The other method is safe enough to be used.

When you step out of your house how safe are you?

Half an hour of brisk walk is a good and safe exercise in this condition.

These homemade colours are safe for our skin and eyes.

Without supervision even safe varieties are not safe.

I want to make the city safe and secure for the visitors and residents, .

Walking is an easy, enjoyable and generally safe exercise.

who lay down their lives only to make our life safe and comfortable.

It is safe there.

When you reach land please write about your safe arrival.

Organic foods are ideally the best and safe to consume.

Keep the money in a safe place.

That district is no longer a safe place to live in.

It is not safe for a girl to go out by herself so late at night.

Organic foods are ideally the best and safe to consume.

This bill is safe to pass.

Is it safe for children to eat in smoky restaurants?

They are safe to consume and inexpensive to be grown at home.

The news of his safe arrival delighted his family.

He boiled the well water so it would be safe to drink.

Is it safe to eat food that has dropped on the floor?