sacrifice in a sentence

We should be ready to sacrifice our lives to save our country.

He was ready to make any sacrifice for the freedom of his beloved country.

A mother can make the greatest sacrifice for her children.

He has a spirit of service and sacrifice.

His entire life is a saga of valour and sacrifices.

We should sacrifice ego and be polite.

Very few people come forward to sacrifice their all for the country.

He is the embodiment of strength and sacrifice for us.

He is ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of his country.

I will gladly sacrifice my comforts and conveniences for my son’s sake.

I am ready to sacrifice my own interests for the sake of my country.

We should sacrifice everything for the sake of our country.

We sacrifice our little desire to save money for you.

He can make every sacrifice to get them back.

It is a story of supreme sacrifice.

It was for the sake of his friend that he was ready to make every sacrifice.

A patriot is prepared to sacrifice anything and everything for his country.

He was an embodiment of love and sacrifice.

He is an embodiment of sacrifice and compassion.

He is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of his country.

They never die who sacrifice themselves for a noble cause.

He is always prepared to sacrifice all ideals at the altar of money.

He is one of,those people who can sacrifice his all for the nation.

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