rush in a sentence

There was a great rush at the platform.

On the Diwali day, people make a rush in front of the sweet shops.

The modern life is a life of rush and hurry, stress and strain.

At the time of an earthquake, we should rush towards the open space.

You don’t need to rush in the mornings if you schedule your workout session during the evenings.

Read it carefully and don’t rush.

Don’t rush into another relationship.

Don’t rush through your activities as soon as you eat your food.

You have to rush back home.

This facial exercise can help the blood rush to your cheeks.

When we are hungry and in rush we always go to eat fast foods.

Rush to the dentist right away.

This is a special story which will make you rush through many emotions in a single shot.

When we are hungry and in rush we always go to eat fast foods.

We never rush into things, or take unnecessary risks.

You should immediately rush the child to the doctor.

Morning is a rush time for most women.

We rush to the office skipping the morning meal.

When you are not in a rush, you can do things better.

Don’t rush into things.

She doesn’t want to rush things.

We must rush to the platform.

There was a great rush of people.

Children are enjoying the rainfall.

Low rainfall and rising temperature could add to the intensity and frequency of dust storms.

Most parts of Rajasthan receive scanty rainfall:

Having no rainfall, the crops have failed.

There was a great rush of the spectators.

The modern world is so full of rush and speed that everything is in a state of flux.

There was a great rush at the bus stand.

By and by the rush went on increasing.

Just before the arrival of the train, there is a heavy rush at the booking windows.

Usually there is a great rush in these buses.

There is a great rush in the local buses.

As soon as a bus arrives, all rush towards it.

In difficulties we rush to him to seek his advice and help.

During the recess, there is a lot of rush at the tap.

There is a lot of rush in Delhi.

As soon as a bus comes, people rush towards it.

I don’t want to rush you.

If you don’t rush to the station at once you will miss your train.

There was a mad rush at the railway station when the train came in.

When a new film is released, there is a great rush of film-lovers before the portals of the cinema house.

There are many accidents because of the rush of traffic.

Then the rush of passengers inside the bus became less.

We have had a great rush of orders.

Our manager was faced with a rush of customers at that time and could not attend to you for some time.

There was a huge rush to see the match.

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