how to use running in a Sentence

The time is running against me.

The water is running out of the pipe.

Are they running a race ?

The water is running over the sides of the stream.

Provisions are running low.

Why are you running so fast?

I am running behind you.

The train is running.

I am running my father’s business.

My phone is running out of battery.

He is always running down his neighbour.

He is running for prize.

My father is running cloth business.

The train is running fast.

The watch is running.

He has been running since morning.

I saw him while I was running.

Is he running a race?

The thief was running.

Supplies are running short.

He jumped from a running train.

Don’t get off a running bus.

I saw him running in the street.

I am tired of running.

The pulse is running.

I had a narrow escape when I fell down from the running bike in the middle of the road.

This factory is now running under a loss of Rs.50,000 per month.

The train is running behind time.

The police was running after the thieves.

I jumped out of a running train.

The demand for qualified doctors is running up in villages.

Every body is running after wealth these days.

The train is running at a great speed.

Trains running on this route are often late.

The cat is running after the mouse.

I am running a readymade garment store in the city centre.

I am running a manufacturing unit of automobile spare parts.

He is running high temperature.

Unfortunately we are running short of money.

She was running towards me.

Are you running from anything?

Are the trains running on time?

He fell down from a running train and slipped a disc.

I saw him running away from the scene of the crime.

Running at top speed, he got out of breath.

The bus was running at an ant’s pace.

The fair is running in full swing.

I am running out of money.

After running a long race he was gasping for breath.

I’m tired of running.

Why are you running away ?

The tap is running to waste.

He was running hither and thither as the police was at his heels.

You are running fast.

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