ruin in a sentence


Those people who burn the midnight oil and get up late soon ruin their health.

It can ruin your chance of promotion, your career and your business.

How does the greed of dowry ruin the family?

Too much smoking will ruin your health.

If we do not know the proper use of time, we may ruin ourselves and cause much harm to others also.

Bad company can ruin the life of an individual.

Those who worry about their future ruin their present, and put their future in danger.

You are going to ruin my daughter’s wedding for this.

Bad company can ruin the life of an individual

This can ruin your life.

His intimacy with that woman brought about his ruin.

Gambling brought about his ruin.

If you cut down all the trees you will ruin the land.

Acts of wilful negligence will ruin your career.

The government must take strict action against these criminals, because they ruin the future of the children of our society.

His lust for money brought about his ruin.

This fix can ruin your life.

Going to bed late and rising early will soon exhaust our nerves and ruin our health.

It is the time when you can make or ruin your life.

He is sure to ruin himself.

This will ruin your life and career.

In this way, you will ruin your health.

His lavish habits will ruin him one day.

Does alcohol ruin muscle gains?

Keeping them too short or long can ruin the effect.

These small mistakes can ruin the whole exercise session and all your hard work.

He will eventually ruin himself.

Negative thoughts not only will ruin your mind but also your life.

You will ruin your health if you drink without measure.

The war brought ruin to the country.

It’ll ruin your health.

The heavy rain threatened to ruin the outdoor picnic.

The vandals attempted to ruin the historical monument with graffiti.

Her reckless behavior could ruin her chances of getting into a good college.

The economic crisis caused many businesses to fail and face ruin.

The spoiled milk in the fridge began to ruin the other food.

The scandal threatened to ruin the politician’s reputation.

The construction noise from next door was enough to ruin their peaceful weekend.

The leaky roof started to ruin the interior of the house.

She felt heartbroken after her breakup, thinking it would ruin her chances at love.

The irresponsible behavior of the employees could ruin the company’s reputation.

The storm surge threatened to ruin the coastal towns.

The false accusations could ruin an innocent person’s life.

The incorrect measurements would ruin the final product.

The stock market crash caused many investors to suffer financial ruin.

The chef was devastated when he burned the main course, fearing it would ruin the entire meal.

The spoiled child’s tantrum threatened to ruin the family gathering.

He worked tirelessly to repair the damages and prevent further ruin.

The unexpected turn of events could ruin their carefully laid-out plans.

The irresponsible behavior of the teenagers could ruin their futures.

The excessive use of chemicals might ruin the soil’s fertility.

The harsh winter weather could ruin the crops and affect the harvest.

The poor financial decisions led the company to the brink of ruin.

The graffiti on the historic building was a disgrace and threatened to ruin its beauty.

His addiction to gambling could potentially ruin his family’s finances.

The bitter argument with her best friend seemed to have the power to ruin their long-standing friendship.

The environmental pollution can ruin the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The unexpected flood could ruin the entire harvest season for the farmers.

The corrupt practices of some officials could ruin the reputation of the entire organization.

The gossip and rumors circulating about her could ruin her reputation in the community.

The constant bickering between the neighbors threatened to ruin the peaceful neighborhood atmosphere.

The economic downturn could potentially ruin the financial stability of many families.

The leak in the roof began to ruin the valuable artwork in the attic.

The lack of proper maintenance can ruin even the sturdiest of structures.

The jealous coworker tried to ruin her chances of getting a promotion by spreading false rumors.

The negligence of the construction company led to the ruin of the historical site.

The sudden illness could ruin their plans for the long-awaited vacation.

The fraudulent schemes of the dishonest business partner led to the ruin of the company.

The online trolls attempted to ruin the influencer’s reputation with malicious comments.

The forest fire could ruin the natural habitat of several endangered species.

The harsh winter weather can ruin the roads, causing accidents and traffic delays.

The overuse of pesticides could ruin the quality of the farmland.

The harsh critique from the renowned critic threatened to ruin the young artist’s confidence.

The careless handling of sensitive information could ruin the company’s security measures.

The unexpected turn of events could ruin the surprise party they had planned.

The rumors of the company’s financial troubles could ruin its credibility with investors.

The theft of the expensive equipment could ruin the production schedule.

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