rival in a sentence


The rival team was very strong.

Television is proving a big rival to cinema.

Don’t crow over an unsuccessful rival.

He knocked his rival down in one minute.

He is fighting the election against a powerful rival.

He attacked his rival.

I have defeated my rival.

Hurrah! I have defeated my rival.

The Indian team gave crushing defeat to the rival team.

He defeated his rival politically.

The rival team could score only 120 runs.

At first, the rival team pressed us hard.

I defeated my rival in the election by more than 10,000 votes.

The company is poaching senior managers from its rival companies.

The players of the rival team could not stand our fast bowling.

I had defeated my rival by fifty thousand votes.

The supporters of rival candidates were keeping a watchful eye over the whole process of polling.

Whenever a player violates a rule, the rival team is awarded a free kick.

After the toss, the rival teams took their positions.

They often cause physical injuries to their rival.

The rival parties made peace at last.

Our team gave crushing defeat, to the rival team.

He floored his rival in Wrestling.

He knocked his rival down in one minute.

You cannot side with my rival in this dispute.

The boxer challenged his rival to a fight.

Don’t hold your rival cheap.

His rival was discouraged by his triumph.

He criticized his rival severely.

I find a good rival in him.

He is my rival in business.

The rival gang attempted to take control of the neighborhood, leading to increased tension in the area.

The academic conference brought together experts from rival schools of thought to discuss their differing perspectives.

The scientists from rival research groups clashed during the conference, each defending their own theories.

The rival newspapers often competed to break news stories first and gain a larger readership.

The athletes from the rival teams showed mutual respect and sportsmanship despite their intense competition.

The tech companies unveiled their latest gadgets in a bid to outshine their rival’s offerings.

The rival chefs participated in a cook-off, showcasing their culinary skills in front of a live audience.

The rival bands often played at the same venues, drawing in fans who were passionate about their music.

The rival airlines offered competitive prices to attract passengers, resulting in affordable travel options.

The rival factions within the organization often clashed over differing strategies and priorities.

The rival authors released their new novels on the same day, causing a literary buzz in the media.

The rival street performers vied for the attention of passersby with their unique acts.

The rival research teams presented their findings at the conference, sparking debates and discussions.

The rival CEOs engaged in negotiations to settle their companies’ disputes and find common ground.

The rival political candidates addressed the concerns of the electorate during their campaign speeches.

The rival app developers were constantly trying to outdo each other with new features and updates.

The rival art collectors bid against each other at the auction, driving up the prices of the artworks.

The rival fan bases cheered passionately for their respective teams during the championship game.

The scientists from the rival laboratories often attended the same conferences, sparking intellectual debates.

The rival politicians engaged in a war of words on social media, attempting to sway public opinion.

The rival corporations battled for supremacy in the market, launching competing advertising campaigns.

The rival explorers both aimed to reach the summit of the mountain, each hoping to make history.

The rival gaming clans competed in a tournament to prove which group was the best in the online world.

The rival designers unveiled their bridal collections during the fashion week, attracting attention from brides-to-be.

The rival detectives collaborated on a complex case, setting aside their personal differences for the investigation.

The rival pop stars released their albums on the same day, sparking a chart-topping battle for dominance.

The rival app developers engaged in a race to see who could achieve a million downloads first.

The rival writers engaged in a literary feud, exchanging critical reviews and pointed remarks in interviews.

The rival podcasters engaged in witty banter and discussions on a variety of topics.

The tech giants competed for market share in the smartphone industry, leading to innovative features and designs.

The rival research teams conducted experiments to prove their respective theories on the phenomenon.

The rival chess players analyzed each other’s strategies, looking for weaknesses to exploit.

The rival architects presented their proposals for the city’s new landmark, showcasing contrasting designs.

The rival debate clubs engaged in a fierce contest of ideas, attempting to sway the judges with compelling arguments.

The rival generals strategized for months before the decisive battle, aiming to outwit each other on the battlefield.

The rival street food vendors competed for customers’ attention with their unique and flavorful offerings.

The rival researchers collaborated on a groundbreaking study, setting aside their differences for the sake of scientific progress.

The rival filmmakers both had their films selected for the prestigious film festival, sparking discussions about their artistic approaches.

The rival automotive companies unveiled their latest electric car models at the international auto show, generating significant buzz.

The rival trainers prepared their fighters for the championship bout, each confident in their boxer’s skills.

The fashion magazines covered the red carpet event, focusing on the glamorous outfits worn by the rival actresses.

The rival political commentators debated the current state of the nation, offering contrasting viewpoints on the issues.

The rival theatre companies vied for audiences by staging popular plays and offering special promotions.

The rival explorers set out on separate expeditions to locate the lost treasure, each hoping to claim the riches for themselves.

The rival educators presented their teaching philosophies during the conference, advocating for different approaches.

The rival gaming clans faced off in a championship match, competing for the title of best eSports team.

The rival skateboarders showcased their tricks and skills, attempting to impress the judges at the skatepark.

The rival chess grandmasters played a series of matches to determine the ultimate victor.

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