rise in a sentence

No sooner did the sun rise than the fog disappeared.

He wishes to rise high in life therefore he works day and night.

It is healthy to rise early.

A sudden rise in the prices of essential commodities has hit the common man hard.

Does the sun rise in the east ?

You can’t rise high.

Everybody worships the rise sun.

He got a big rise in his salary.

Indian History is full of rise and fall of many kingdoms.

There has been a rise in incidents of physical abuse of children.

He aims to rise to the top.

The men who rise by their own efforts are always respected.

The man who does not rise early cannot have proper rest in the evening.

We are facing a rise in the necessities of life-like-food, clothing and things of everyday use.

Another important factor which causes the price rise of the essential items is the fluctuation of prices of the petroleum products.

The rise in sea levels is a major cause of concern.

Price rise is one of the most ticklish current problems.

Price rise is a world-wide phenomenon.

By controlling our desires we can rise in spirit.

A leader should be able to rise to the occasion.

The rise in prices is the main cause of the unrest in the country.

The rise in the prices of essential commodities is alarming.

This has resulted in the rise of the water level of the seas and oceans.

Indian History is replete with the rise and fall of many kingdoms.

The rise in sea level is a major cause of concern.

Rise in prices gives rise to economic disparities.

Overpopulation gives rise to various problems.

This has led to a rise in unemployment among the youth.

The instances of dowry deaths are on the rise in spite of the laws enacted by the government.

None of them could rise to the occasion and save the situation from getting out of hand.

What a beautiful sun rise !

His habit is to rise late.

Let the authorities rise to the occasion and do something to redress our grievance.

The evil practice of dowry has given rise to many social ills.

Everybody wants to rise high in life.

Men of religion try to rise above worldly desires.

The sun rise in the east.

All have equal opportunities to rise in life.

There was a sudden rise in temperature yesterday.

The great men rise through the ups and downs of life.

The lizard can tolerate a rise in body temperature of up to about 38°C only.

The rise in temperature is negligible and need cause no worry.

The rise in population is very alarming.

It gives rise to narrow-mindedness.

How can the standard of living rise ?

It gives rise to the feeling of love and affection.

I rise with some trepidation

The number of high rise buildings has grown many-fold in the past few years.

The sun will rise now.

A hard working man gets opportunities to rise in life.

A number of questions rise in the mind

I’m sure I’ll rise in ‘life.

I rise with sun.

A rise in the blood sugar levels could lead to diseases like diabetes and obesity.

There has been a rise in HIV positive cases here.

Apart from fungal infection, seasonal insect bite cases are also on the rise these days.

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