Ridden In A Sentence

Ridden In A Sentence

The old car was ridden with rust and showed signs of years of neglect.

She was ridden with guilt after making a decision that hurt her friend’s feelings.

The athlete had a career ridden with injuries, making it difficult to maintain peak performance.

The town was ridden with crime until a new police chief implemented effective strategies.

His writing was ridden with spelling and grammatical errors, making it hard to understand.

The horse was ridden by a skilled jockey who guided it to victory in the race.

The region was ridden with poverty, prompting humanitarian organizations to provide aid.

The ancient castle was ridden with secrets and hidden passageways.

The forest was ridden with trails, making it a popular destination for hikers.

The political campaign was ridden with controversies and scandals.

The disease had left him ridden with chronic pain and limited mobility.

Her mind was ridden with worry as she waited for news about her missing pet.

The abandoned house was ridden with dust and cobwebs, untouched for years.

The island’s history was ridden with tales of pirates and buried treasure.

The city’s transit system was ridden with delays and unreliable service.

His face was ridden with exhaustion after working long hours.

The novel was ridden with plot twists and unexpected turns that kept readers engaged.

The lake was ridden with algae due to pollution from nearby factories.

The job interview left her ridden with nerves as she anticipated the questions.

The detective’s investigation revealed a web of deceit ridden throughout the company.

The movie was ridden with special effects that created a visually captivating experience.

The abandoned factory was ridden with graffiti, a canvas for urban artists.

The country was ridden with political instability and frequent changes in leadership.

His novel was ridden with symbolism and metaphors, requiring careful analysis.

The backpack was ridden with holes from years of use during outdoor adventures.

The old mansion was ridden with creaking floors and eerie echoes.

Her face was ridden with disappointment as she read the rejection letter.

The field was ridden with wildflowers during spring, creating a colorful landscape.

The speech was ridden with contradictions and inaccuracies, leaving the audience confused.

The ancient manuscript was ridden with faded ink, making it difficult to decipher.

The river was ridden with debris after the heavy rainfall and flooding.

The neighborhood was ridden with tension as the community debated a controversial issue.

His mind was ridden with doubt as he questioned his ability to complete the challenging task.

The once-thriving marketplace was ridden with empty stalls and a lack of customers.

The garden was ridden with pests, damaging the plants and flowers.

The coastline was ridden with cliffs and rocky formations, creating a dramatic landscape.

The relationship was ridden with misunderstandings and miscommunications.

The abandoned factory was ridden with eerie silence, broken only by occasional sounds of dripping water.

The research paper was ridden with inaccuracies and biased sources.

The historical site was ridden with ruins, a testament to its ancient past.

The country’s economy was ridden with inflation, causing prices to soar.

The detective’s mind was ridden with theories as he tried to solve the complex case.

The museum was ridden with artifacts from various time periods, offering a diverse collection.

The novel was ridden with suspenseful moments that kept readers on the edge of their seats.

The company was ridden with debt, struggling to stay afloat.

The valley was ridden with mist in the early morning, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

His speech was ridden with passion, inspiring the audience to take action.

The forest was ridden with ancient trees that had witnessed centuries of history.

The town was ridden with excitement as the annual festival approached.

The concert was ridden with energy as the crowd sang along to their favorite songs.

The mansion was ridden with echoes, each room carrying whispers of its storied past.

The negotiation process was ridden with disagreements, making it challenging to reach a compromise.

The school’s reputation was ridden with rumors and misconceptions that needed to be addressed.

The garden was ridden with vibrant blooms during spring, creating a colorful paradise.

His mind was ridden with memories of the place where he had spent his childhood.

The horror movie was ridden with suspenseful scenes that kept the audience on edge.

The city was ridden with traffic congestion during rush hour, causing long delays.

The abandoned ship was ridden with eerie silence as it lay anchored in the harbor.

Her speech was ridden with emotion as she spoke about her personal journey of overcoming adversity.

The old manuscript was ridden with annotations and comments from previous readers.

The once close-knit group of friends was ridden with tension after a falling-out.

The software was ridden with bugs, causing frequent crashes and errors.

The storm-ridden sky hinted at an imminent downpour, sending people scrambling for shelter.

The historical site was ridden with relics that told the stories of generations past.

The desert landscape was ridden with sand dunes, stretching as far as the eye could see.

His words were ridden with bitterness as he recounted the disappointments he had faced.

The labyrinthine alleys were ridden with mystery, inviting exploration at every turn.

The holiday season was ridden with excitement as families prepared for festivities.

The forest was ridden with wildlife, offering a glimpse into the diverse ecosystem.

The fabric was ridden with intricate patterns, showcasing the craftsmanship of the weaver.

The movie was ridden with plot twists that kept viewers engaged until the very end.

The company was ridden with challenges as it navigated through a competitive market.

The trail was ridden with obstacles, testing the skills of even the most experienced hikers.

The city’s history was ridden with tales of triumph and tragedy, shaping its identity.

The interview was ridden with tough questions, putting the candidate’s knowledge to the test.

The small town was ridden with nostalgia, as residents remembered the days of their youth.

The forest floor was ridden with fallen leaves, creating a vibrant mosaic of colors.

The war-ridden region struggled to rebuild and heal from the scars of conflict.

The haunted house was ridden with eerie sounds and ghostly apparitions.

The business plan was ridden with uncertainties, making it a risky investment.

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