reward in a sentence

A good action is its own reward.

Self-esteem is a reward in itself.

Prepare yourself to face the music of life and then get the reward of being successful.

It is human nature to expect a reward from hard work.

How do we reward them?

Reward him for every single small achievement.

Being a mother is an incredible reward for your womanhood.

You will receive the reward of your hard work today.

Reward yourself for you work and effort.

The Police have announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for information about the accused leading to their arrest.

Why have you refused to receive the reward?

Without expectation of any reward he did me a good turn.

The Commissioner gave reward to deserving men.

He wasn’t given any reward for his service.

She got nothing in reward for her kindness.

He promised to reward me for my work.

You’ll get a reward for your cooperation.

Is this the way you are going to reward us ?

You have a reward for your trouble.

Your success is a fitting reward of your merit/painstaking labour.

They must not expect any reward in return.

It was the reward of his labour.

He does his work, whether he gets reward or no reward.

The soldier got a reward for his bravery.

The Commissioner gave reward to deserving men.

Without expectation of any reward he did me a good turn.

He deserves a reward for his efforts.

She gave me a present as a reward for my help.

He got a reward for his honesty.

He shall get a reward for his faithfulness.

What reward does he ask ?

What reward does he ask ?

I did not expect any reward from him.

Surely the reward is great.

I will reward the boy for having found the correct answer to the problem.

He will never think of the reward of his work.

The hardworking employee received a well-deserved bonus as a reward for their exceptional performance.

The detective was determined to solve the case and find the missing person, hoping for a reward from the family.

The children were excited to receive their favorite candies as a reward for completing their chores.

The charity organization thanked its donors by sending them a personalized letter of appreciation as a reward for their generosity.

The athlete trained tirelessly and was rewarded with a gold medal for their outstanding performance in the competition.

The teacher praised the students’ efforts and gave them extra free time as a reward for their good behavior in class.

The company offered employee-of-the-month awards as a way to recognize and reward outstanding contributions to the team.

The rescue team received a hero’s welcome and a public ceremony as a reward for their bravery and dedication.

The devoted pet owner rewarded their dog with a special treat for learning a new trick.

The successful completion of the project was a reward for the team’s hard work and perseverance.

The restaurant offered loyalty rewards to its frequent customers, such as discounts and exclusive offers.

The city mayor announced a cash reward for anyone providing information that led to the capture of a dangerous criminal.

The environmental group organized a tree-planting event to reward volunteers who contributed to the conservation efforts.

The scholarship was a significant reward for the student’s academic excellence and dedication to their studies.

The artist’s talent and creativity were rewarded with an opportunity to showcase their work at a prestigious gallery.

The company celebrated its employees’ achievements with an annual award ceremony to reward outstanding performance.

The surprise party was a reward for the friend’s tireless efforts in organizing memorable gatherings.

The children behaved exceptionally well during the family trip, and their parents rewarded them with a fun day at the amusement park.

The volunteer firefighters were recognized at a special ceremony to reward their commitment to protecting the community.

The successful entrepreneur generously donated to charity as a way to give back and share the rewards of their business success.

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