respects in a sentence

He respects the elders.

Please pay him my respects.

He is so saintly that everybody respects him.

Hindi differs from English in many respects.

In his family he respects his parents.

He respects his parents.

Modern civilization is totally different from the past in many respects.

Everyone in the office respects him.

Everyone respects him for his humility.

Your car differs from mine in several respects.

Pay my respects to your mother.

He loves and respects everybody.

He respects his elders.

The animals are like human beings in many respects.

He respects all the elderly people and loves those who are younger to him.

The one who respects others is an ethical person.

My views are altered in many respects

She respects you very much.

She respects us.

He respects the rights of his fellow-men and does not trespass them.

He respects the rights of others.

She respects me.

Everyone respects his or her mother but what is the exact reason .

He respects his father.

Whoever knows him well respects him.

He respects me a lot.

Everybody respects him because he carries out all his responsibilities.

Give my best respects to your parents.

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