resources in a sentence

All this has meant a heavy strain on my resources.

You cannot compete with a man who is superior to yourself in resources.

Rapid growth of population places a huge burden on our limited resources and limited land area.

The rise in population should be checked to reduce the demand and pressure on our limited resources.

Our limited resources may get exhausted one day if population explosion is not checked.

Our resources are limited.

Everyman chooses his hobby according to his taste and resources.

People misuse the natural resources.

The climatic conditions and other resources are not uniform throughout the world.

There are various negative effects of excessive use of land and other natural resources.

He depended upon his own efforts and resources.

We are rapidly exhausting the natural resources of the world.

A creative person is known for his resources and flexibility.

The depletion of natural resources has reached a point of no return.

We need to do something to conserve the earth’s natural resources.

This country is rich in mineral resources.

We must preserve our resources.

Traditional energy resources like firewood, dried cow dung cake, and charcoal is being used in our country.

Natural resources are those things which nature gives us to use.

Use all your energy and resources to obtain your aim.

The resources of the earth are limited.

It’s a shame the way natural resources are wasted.

Water is a precious resource that nature has bestowed on Planet Earth.

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