reply in a sentence

He didn’t reply to my letter.

He gave no reply to my letter.

Please reply by return of post.

He does not reply to my letters.

I am sorry I could not reply your letter.

They are waiting for a reply from you.

I am awaiting your reply.

Why didn’t you reply?

I am just waiting for your reply.

An early reply will oblige me.

She gave a curt reply.

She gave a contemptuous reply.

I asked her what her name was, but she gave no reply.

I do not know when I shall be able to reply to your letter.

He gave a quick reply.

Why did your brother give such a rude reply.

Why you did not reply to my letter ?

Why did you not reply my letter ?

Please give me reply.

I hope you would care to send to me an early reply.

I feel confident of receiving a favourable and helpful reply.

I shall wait for a favourable reply from you.

I am waiting for his reply.

He made no reply.

He made a frank reply.

He could not give a satisfactory reply.

Send a suitable reply for the complaint received.

He delayed the reply.

He paused for a reply.

He gave an impudent reply to his teacher.

This was our reply.

We felt impatient as we waited for a reply.

Hope you will send an early reply to our queries.

Draft this reply.

You have to reply these charges within a week.

You must go whether you receive my reply or not.

I want reply from you.

If I do not receive your reply within a week, I shall have to come to you personally.

Do reply please.

She did not reply to my letter.

An early reply in this regard shall be appreciated.

Send a suitable reply for the complaint received.

Please reply soon.

She did not reply to my letter.

He sent me no reply for ten days.

We shall await your reply with interest

What was his reply to your question?

We must send them a reply immediately.

Did he reply to your letter?

You must not give such a reply to your officer.

I did not get any reply yet.

Please do reply soon.

Your reply vexed us.

I did not reply to what she said.

I shall wait for a favourable reply from you.

His reply to them was important.

They got no reply from them.

There is no need to reply to that letter.

I can’t reply to your message immediately.

Your reply is wrong.

Should I reply to his letter?

I could reply to all of them.

I don’t know how to reply to that question.

I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner.

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.

I haven’t had a reply to my letter.

Your prompt reply is urgently required.

I have received no reply from you yet.

I do not want to reply to his letter.

His reply was logical.

His reply was negative.

His reply was short and to the point.

He didn’t reply to my letter.

He sent an immediate reply to my telegram.