regularly in a sentence

I go to school regularly and on time.

Mango has the power to increase weight when consumed regularly.

The rooms must be swept with a broom and mopped with a mop regularly.

You should attend to your work regularly.

We should brush our teeth and comb our hair regularly.

He does not brush his mouth regularly.

Cow milk makes our mind sharp and memory strong if we drink regularly.

You must pray regularly because prayer helps you to develop faith and enhance your internal strength.

He wakes up early in the morning and exercises regularly.

The streets should be cleaned regularly.

Exercise regularly.

Do you polish your shoes regularly?

A student who does not study regularly can never show good results.

How can I regularly study?

Is it healthy to get massages regularly?

I regularly attended my classes in school.

Is drinking coffee regularly healthy?

I have failed regularly in my life till now.

What TV shows do you watch regularly?

She used to chat with me regularly.

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