recently in a sentence

Marriage season was at its peak recently.

He left recently.

He has recently lost his mother.

The standard of efficiency has recently fallen off.

The publishers have recently brought out a cheap edition of this book.

‘The President has recently issued several new ordinances.

We have seen many changes recently.

I recently bought a TV set.

He has recently built a new house.

Have you seen him recently?

I haven’t been feeling very well recently.

I haven’t been very well recently.

I recently shot a wedding, which had an attendance of only 60 persons.

My father has recently retired from his government job.

We have recently come to Delhi on transfer from Gujarat.

I got my daughter, recently admitted in a Nursery class.

I have recently got a new job.

My elder brother has been recently posted at Shimla.

This practice has recently started in big cities but is not very popular yet.

I have recently bought a personal computer in a shop near .

He had only recently done so.