rapidly in a sentence


Rural unemployment is increasing rapidly.

The world is growing so fast that the things are changing rapidly day by day.

Deforestation is going on more rapidly to fulfill the human needs in many ways.

The population of the country is increasing rapidly.

Honesty is rapidly going out of fashion.

The population in our country is growing very rapidly.

Why nights are getting more rapidly warmer than days?

Glaciers have started melting rapidly due to rising temperature resulting in surge in water level.

The popularity of Indian classical music is growing rapidly.

Its popularity is growing rapidly.

Things are changing rapidly in the society.

Strawberries have a very short shelf life, loosing firmness very rapidly.

This field has been evolving rapidly.

A deadly outbreak of cholera has spread rapidly.

Shopping online is a trend that is rapidly catching up with people the world over.

Now the use of glass has rapidly increased in buildings.

India is a country with rapidly changing lifestyles, urbanisation and increased literacy.

That man speaks rapidly.

Do you speak English rapidly?

He made movements rapidly.

When the monsoon broke, the temperature fell rapidly.

The world is changing rapidly.

Commercialization has grown rapidly in the modern era.

The boat sank rapidly.

Animal cruelty is a nationwide problem rapidly growing in today’s society.

The population of the world is growing very rapidly.

The automobile industry is developing rapidly.

Pollution in the cities is rapidly increasing.

He speaks so rapidly that I cannot follow him.

Our population is increasing rapidly.

They rapidly recovered.

The clouds spread rapidly all over the sky.

The house is rapidly building.

They rapidly recovered.

Everything in the bazaar is rapidly being modernized.

He speaks so rapidly that I cannot follow him.

Prices increased rapidly last year.

Commercialization has grown rapidly in the modern era.

She will rapidly progress in her piano lessons.

Her proficiency in English rapidly improved.

That market has been rapidly expanding.

The movement is rapidly gaining ground.

Time passed rapidly and the work didn’t advance at all.

He rapidly ascended to the top.

The birthrate is rapidly declining in this country.

Desert sand cools off rapidly at night.

The car sped rapidly down the highway, weaving through traffic.

The crowd cheered as the runner sprinted rapidly towards the finish line.

The price of the stock rapidly plummeted, causing panic among investors.

The storm clouds rapidly approached, bringing heavy rain and thunder.

She typed rapidly, trying to meet the deadline for her report.

The train accelerated rapidly, gaining speed as it departed the station.

The children laughed and ran rapidly around the playground, full of energy.

The popularity of the new gadget spread rapidly through word of mouth.

The virus rapidly spread throughout the community, prompting widespread concern.

Time seemed to pass rapidly as they enjoyed their lively conversation.

The athlete’s heart raced as they approached the rapidly approaching finish line.

The construction crew worked rapidly to meet the tight deadline.

The car’s engine roared as it accelerated rapidly down the track.

The river flowed rapidly after the heavy rain, creating a powerful current.

The business grew rapidly, expanding its operations to new markets.

The medicine acted rapidly, providing relief from pain within minutes.

The flowers bloomed rapidly in the warm spring weather, adding vibrant colors to the garden.

The roller coaster descended rapidly, giving riders an exhilarating rush of adrenaline.

The train conductor announced the next station rapidly, keeping passengers informed.

The wind howled and the leaves rustled rapidly during the storm.

The company’s revenue increased rapidly, surpassing all expectations.

The students eagerly raised their hands, hoping to answer the teacher’s questions rapidly.

The technology industry is evolving rapidly, introducing new innovations every day.

The athlete’s heart rate increased rapidly as they approached the final lap.

The sun set rapidly, casting a beautiful array of colors across the sky.

The customer service representative responded rapidly to resolve the issue.

The emergency responders acted rapidly to save lives during the crisis.

The elevator ascended rapidly, taking passengers to their desired floors.

The waterfall cascaded down the rocks, creating a rapidly flowing stream.

The popularity of the new app spread rapidly among smartphone users.

The clock’s hands moved rapidly, indicating the passage of time.

The team worked rapidly to complete the project before the deadline.

The temperature dropped rapidly as winter approached.

The crowd dispersed rapidly as the rain started pouring down.

The ice cream melted rapidly under the hot summer sun.

The plane descended rapidly, preparing for a smooth landing.

The rumor circulated rapidly, causing speculation and gossip among the community.

The leaves on the trees fluttered rapidly in the strong wind.

The market prices fluctuated rapidly, creating a volatile trading environment.

The horse galloped rapidly, racing towards the finish line with determination.

The dancers moved rapidly across the stage, showcasing their impressive footwork.

The computer processed the data rapidly, providing instant results.

The news of their engagement spread rapidly, filling their friends with joy.

The storm intensified rapidly, unleashing torrential rain and fierce winds.

The seeds germinated rapidly, sprouting vibrant green shoots within days.

The fire consumed the building rapidly, leaving behind nothing but ashes.

The laughter echoed rapidly through the hall, creating an atmosphere of joy.

The ambulance rushed to the scene rapidly, attending to the injured with urgency.

The colors of the sunset changed rapidly, painting the sky with a breathtaking palette.

The avalanche descended rapidly, burying everything in its path under a mass of snow.

The chef chopped the vegetables rapidly, skillfully preparing the ingredients for the dish.

The technology became outdated rapidly, prompting the need for constant upgrades.

The waves crashed against the shore rapidly, creating a soothing rhythm.

The popularity of the new song spread rapidly, climbing the music charts within days.

The negotiations progressed rapidly, reaching a mutually beneficial agreement in record time.

The cityscape transformed rapidly as skyscrapers sprouted one after another.

The news article went viral rapidly, garnering millions of views and shares.

The factory assembly line operated rapidly, producing goods at an impressive rate.

The storm clouds dispersed rapidly, revealing a clear and sunny sky.

The children’s laughter echoed rapidly through the playground, filling the air with joy.

The email response arrived rapidly, addressing the sender’s concerns promptly.

The marathon runner sprinted rapidly towards the finish line, fueled by determination.

The technology company innovated rapidly, releasing new products ahead of competitors.

The leaves changed color rapidly, signaling the arrival of autumn.

The car accelerated rapidly, zooming past the other vehicles on the highway.

Time flew by rapidly as we enjoyed each other’s company.

The flames spread rapidly, engulfing the entire house in minutes.

She typed rapidly, trying to finish the report before the deadline.

The popularity of the new gadget grew rapidly, with sales skyrocketing.

The athlete dashed off the starting line, running rapidly towards the finish.

The news spread rapidly through social media, reaching a wide audience instantly.

The river flowed rapidly, cascading over rocks and creating a mesmerizing sight.

The company expanded rapidly, opening new branches in different cities.

The medicine took effect rapidly, providing quick relief from the pain.

The wind howled and the leaves rustled rapidly during the storm.

The construction crew worked rapidly to meet the tight deadline.

The price of the stock dropped rapidly, causing panic among investors.

The train accelerated rapidly, quickly picking up speed as it left the station.

The children laughed and ran rapidly around the playground, full of energy.

The storm clouds moved rapidly across the sky, signaling an impending downpour.

The news traveled rapidly, spreading like wildfire through word of mouth.

The sun descended rapidly, casting long shadows over the landscape.

The car swerved rapidly to avoid an oncoming collision.

The snowflakes fell rapidly, blanketing the ground in a white layer.

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