rainfall in a sentence

Trees are also very necessary for having good rainfall.

There is less rainfall where are less trees.

Phases of Moon affect rainfall on Earth.

The Meteorological department has predicted rainfall, snow and hailstorm for the next two days.

After two years of depleted rainfall, this monsoon season is predicted to bring good rainfall.

We have given heavy to very heavy rainfall warning for the next three days over the state.

Deforestation Affects rainfall.

Cutting trees affects rainfall.

Due to an increase in the temperature, there have been major changes in the rainfall patterns.

Rainfall brings respite from smog.

Rainfall is measured using a very beautiful instrument called a rain gauge.

Rainfall is measured in litres per square meter.

How is rainfall intensity measured?

In order to get rainfall it is necessary that water vapor gets higher in the atmosphere.

How do we calculate annual rainfall?

Which instrument is used to measure rainfall?

South west monsoon winds brings rainfall to most parts of India.

How does a tree help in rainfall?

Rainfall is measured in a rain gauge.

Each region has its own annual average rainfall.

Why do the Mediterranean regions receive rainfall only in winter?

This part of India has very scanty rainfall.

How do trees influence rainfall in an area?

Children are enjoying the rainfall.

Low rainfall and rising temperature could add to the intensity and frequency of dust storms.

Most parts of Rajasthan receive scanty rainfall:

Having no rainfall, the crops have failed.

The city got respite from continuous rainfall after four days.

Hundreds of wheat bags were drenched due to unwanted rainfall at the grain market.

We had a heavy rainfall last night.

We anticipate a heavy rainfall tomorrow.

We are expecting an occasional rainfall.