Quite-word meaning in hindi

Adverb : अत्यन्त, नितान्त, पूर्णतया, पूर्णरूपेण, बिलकुल, बिल्कुल, सब, सर्वथा, पूर्ण रूप से, सम्पूर्ण रूप में, काफी हद तक, सचमुच ही

Example Sentences :

She is quite vain of her beauty.

His arrival was quite unexpected.

Are you quite sure ?

To tell the truth, I quite forgot my promise.

Having walked twenty miles, he is quite done up.

The lady inquired if he was now quite well again.

He was quite tired.

She doesn’t know me quite well.

I’m quite happy to walk.

I’m quite tired now.

We’ve done quite a lot of work today.

It was quite good.

It was quite easy to book a place to stay.

It’s quite safe to use the ladder.

He seemed to be quite annoyed.

It’s quite cold now.

We swam for quite a long time.

I was quite surprised.

Repairing the machine is quite difficult.

The train went quite fast.

My mother was very ill, but she’s quite well again now.

I feel quite excited.

She has been quite busy, and she hasn’t watered her plants for some time.

Is it not quite possible

In fact, they are quite confusing.

Are you quite sure that this is the place ?

This may sound uncanny but is quite helpful.

You have the confidence which makes up quite a bit of your personality.

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