quest in a sentence

He set off in quest of adventure.

We are in quest of peace.

Man has been in the quest of knowledge since the early days of civilization.

It was not mere curiosity that led me to that quest.

I went to Delhi in quest of a job.

My quest has ended at last.

I am in quest of knowledge.

He wandered from one country to another in quest of peace.

He has quest for knowledge.

Man in his quest for a happier and more comfortable life has been using natural resources mindlessly.

I am in quest of knowledge.

Gulliver traveled in quest of adventure.

I went to Delhi in quest of a job.

In his quest for beauty he has become a creative artist.

As far as the quest for knowledge continues books will find their relevance in every generation.

He wants his every question to be answered and having his quest fulfilled he accepts the same.