quest in a sentence

He set off in quest of adventure.

We are in quest of peace.

Man has been in the quest of knowledge since the early days of civilization.

It was not mere curiosity that led me to that quest.

I went to Delhi in quest of a job.

My quest has ended at last.

I am in quest of knowledge.

He wandered from one country to another in quest of peace.

He has quest for knowledge.

Man in his quest for a happier and more comfortable life has been using natural resources mindlessly.

I am in quest of knowledge.

Gulliver traveled in quest of adventure.

I went to Delhi in quest of a job.

In his quest for beauty he has become a creative artist.

As far as the quest for knowledge continues books will find their relevance in every generation.

He wants his every question to be answered and having his quest fulfilled he accepts the same.

The treasure hunters set off on a perilous quest to find the legendary lost city of gold.

They formed a fellowship and embarked on a quest to destroy the One Ring and save Middle-earth from darkness.

In her quest for excellence, she pushed herself to the limits, constantly challenging and surpassing her own achievements.

The adventurer faced numerous obstacles and encountered strange creatures on his quest to reach the summit of the unconquered mountain.

Their quest for truth and enlightenment led them to delve deep into ancient texts and philosophical teachings.

In her quest for happiness, she explored different paths, seeking fulfillment in meaningful relationships and personal achievements.

The protagonist’s quest for redemption drove the compelling narrative, as he sought to make amends for past mistakes.

The knight embarked on a noble quest to rescue the captured princess and restore peace to the kingdom.

Their quest for environmental sustainability led them to develop innovative solutions for reducing waste and conserving resources.

The archaeologist dedicated his life to the quest for ancient artifacts, unearthing lost civilizations and shedding light on history.

In their quest for equality, activists organized protests and advocated for social and political change.

The young musician embarked on a quest to master his craft, practicing diligently and seeking guidance from renowned mentors.

The protagonist’s quest for identity took them on a soul-searching journey, exploring their heritage and grappling with complex questions of belonging.

In their quest for freedom, the oppressed population organized a resistance movement, challenging oppressive regimes and fighting for their rights.

The protagonist’s quest for revenge consumed them, driving them to seek justice against those who had wronged them.

In their quest for a cure, scientists conducted extensive research and clinical trials to find a treatment for a devastating disease.

The young artist embarked on a quest to express their unique voice through their artwork, experimenting with different styles and techniques.

The protagonist’s quest for inner peace led them on a spiritual journey, meditating and seeking wisdom from enlightened masters.

The detective tirelessly pursued leads and clues in his quest to solve the mysterious murder case.

The team of explorers set sail on a daring quest to discover uncharted lands and expand the boundaries of human knowledge.

The protagonist’s quest for forgiveness required them to confront their past mistakes and make amends to those they had hurt.

The scientist’s groundbreaking research was driven by a quest for groundbreaking discoveries that could revolutionize the field.

In their quest for social justice, activists organized rallies, engaged in peaceful protests, and advocated for policy changes.

The explorer’s quest for the source of a legendary river led them through treacherous jungles and uncharted territories.

The author embarked on a literary quest, immersing themselves in research and interviews to capture the essence of a historical event.

The protagonist’s quest for redemption took them on a transformative journey of self-discovery and atonement.

In their quest for knowledge, scientists pushed the boundaries of understanding, conducting experiments and forming new theories.

The protagonist’s quest for love and companionship took them on a series of romantic adventures and heartwarming encounters.

The protagonist’s quest for justice against a corrupt system sparked a nationwide movement for social change.

The warrior embarked on a dangerous quest to retrieve a sacred artifact and restore balance to the kingdom.

The protagonist’s quest for personal enlightenment led them to embark on a solitary retreat in the mountains.

In their quest for artistic mastery, the dancers dedicated countless hours to perfecting their technique and expression.

The protagonist’s quest for truth and justice led them to uncover a conspiracy that had far-reaching implications.

In their quest for innovation, the research team embarked on a collaborative journey, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.

The hero’s quest for self-acceptance took them on a transformative adventure, learning to embrace their true identity.

The archaeologist’s quest for an ancient artifact took them to remote and unexplored regions, braving harsh conditions and uncharted territories.

In their quest for environmental preservation, activists organized grassroots campaigns to raise awareness and drive sustainable change.

The musician’s quest for musical excellence drove them to practice rigorously, honing their skills and pushing their creative boundaries.

The protagonist’s quest for a lost civilization led them on an archaeological expedition, unearthing ancient ruins and deciphering forgotten scripts.

In their quest for personal fulfillment, they embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage, seeking wisdom and enlightenment in sacred places.

The hero’s quest for freedom inspired a rebellion, rallying oppressed communities and challenging the oppressive regime.

The protagonist’s quest for inner peace led them to study ancient philosophies and practice mindfulness techniques.

In their quest for social equality, activists organized protests, lobbied for policy reforms, and advocated for marginalized communities.

The entrepreneur’s quest for success took them on a journey of resilience, perseverance, and continuous learning.

The protagonist’s quest for justice brought them face-to-face with powerful adversaries, testing their courage and determination.

In their quest for artistic expression, the dancers embraced different styles and collaborated with diverse choreographers.

The protagonist’s quest for self-discovery led them on a transformative road trip, exploring new places and meeting unique individuals.

The hero’s quest for peace inspired them to mediate conflicts, foster understanding, and promote reconciliation.

In their quest for adventure, the explorers ventured into unexplored caves, scaled towering cliffs, and braved untamed wilderness.

The protagonist’s quest for personal happiness motivated them to reassess their priorities, make positive lifestyle changes, and cultivate fulfilling relationships.

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