purchased in a sentence

It cannot be purchased from the market.

Have you purchased the ticket

We purchased the tickets and went in.

He had purchased a car.

Which book had you purchased ?

He purchased a big house.

My pen is similar to the one he has purchased.

I purchased a book.

He had purchased many toys.

I have purchased a dozen eggs.

I have purchased this dress from that shop.

This is the house which I purchased last year.

What have they purchased?

The book which I purchased yesterday is useless.

He has purchased new machinery.

I went to the market and purchased a pen.

We purchased some winter wears.

He has purchased a set of pens.

I purchased this coat from a big showroom.

I have recently purchased a personal computer from your shop.

He had purchased an old car.

I purchased a horse.

I purchased it only a month back.

We purchased entry tickets.

I purchased the entrance ticket and went inside.

I purchased a ticket with great difficulty.

She has purchased a cow.

I purchased a ticket and went in.

I purchased an English dictionary.

I purchased it last year.

He has purchased very costly crockery.

I purchased many books on literature and general knowledge.

We purchased a new house for eighty thousand dollars.

I purchased the goods for half price.

I purchased one bag.

He has purchased a new computer system.