punishment in a sentence

I have always been opposed to corporal punishment.

He confessed that he was guilty and deserved the punishment.

To escape punishment, you must confess your fault.

Corporal punishment in schools must be discouraged.

He was given a punishment.

He does not believe in giving corporal punishment to the students.

Such persons should be given exemplary punishment.

It is not the fear of punishment that makes me apologize.

The culprits should be given severe punishment.

He had always been opposed to corporal punishment.

If you don’t work hard, you will get punishment.

This kind of punishment should be stopped immediately.

The thief could not escape punishment as he had been caught red-handed by the police.

To avoid punishment, he ran away.

Deterrent punishment should be given to the dowry greedy people.

Your conduct calls for punishment.

He lies in order to escape punishment.

He may escape punishment.

To avoid punishment he ran away.

We should not give corporal punishment to students.

You cannot escape punishment for this fault.

She never gives corporal punishment to any student.

I richly deserve this punishment.

I am ready to face punishment if I did any wrong.

Capital punishment means a death sentence.

The teacher inflicted punishment on the naughty -boy.

He never gives corporal punishment to his students.

Corporal punishment should not be given to young children.

The punishment was unjust.

He wanted to avoid punishment and so he ran away.

You deserve to be punished.

Capital punishment is the highest penality that can be awarded for committing a serious crime.

In order to teach them a lesson corporal punishment may be required.

Corporal punishment has been banned in schools these days.

What is the punishment for coming late to class?

Get ready to face punishment for your misdeeds.

Corporal punishment in schools is not permitted now.

Severe punishment was inflicted on the criminals.

She was sleeping at the time.

Deterrent punishment should be given to those public servants who delay the work without any rhyme or reason.

Bodily punishment Corporal punishment should not be given to young children.

He must apologize to escape punishment.

You are liable to punishment for not keeping discipline.

The boys behaved badly and deserved punishment.

The protesters demanded capital punishment for the accused.

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