punctual in a sentence

He is a very punctual boy.

He is very punctual and never misses any period.

He is punctual and broad-minded.

He is very regular and punctual.

Be punctual.

We should learn to be punctual.

A punctual man does everything at the proper time.

Nature is very much punctual in its phenomenon.

He is punctual and broad-minded.

A person who is punctual understands the importance of time.

He is very punctual.

The absentees are warned and asked to be punctual in future.

She is very professional and a very punctual actress.

Be punctual and devote your full time during working hours to the duties assigned to you.

Be regular and punctual in attending classes.

Be punctual at and in your work.

When it comes to being punctual and doing his duties perfectly, he is unmatchable.

We should be punctual in our duties.

I am known for being punctual in the industry.

He is punctual about devoting his time and attention to plants.

He is punctual and tries his best to reach on time.

We’re very punctual.

Be punctual and do your work regularly.

I like such students as are regular and punctual.

You must be punctual.

He is very punctual in the matter of attending office.

You ought to be punctual.

He is very punctual and regular in doing his home-work.

A student has to be punctual to make the most of his time.

He is not only punctual but also regular.

Now I shall be punctual.

If you are not punctual, you will be in trouble.

He is very punctual.

He is always punctual and does every work at the right time.

He is always punctual and is fully aware of his duties and responsibilities.

He is regular, punctual and thorough in his work.

We must be punctual, disciplined and focused in our work-schedule.

He is punctual to the minute.

You have to be very punctual.

He is regular and punctual.

She is always punctual.

A punctual man is never in want of time.

Why is a punctual man never in a hurry?

A student has to be punctual to make the most of his time.

She is very punctual and regular in studies.

Be punctual or you’ll be punished.

He is punctual to the minute.

Be punctual and attentive.

He is punctual and regular.

He is not only punctual but also regular.

A student has to be punctual to make the most of his time.

The trains are not punctual during the rainy season.

A man who is always punctual never misses any opportunity in life.

We should learn to be punctual in life.

Hit €Tire She is very punctual and is never late for class.

He is very punctual in the matter of attending office.

Why is a punctual man never in a hurry?

He was very punctual in reaching the college.

She is always punctual in coming.

Our teacher is punctual for the classes.

It is important to be punctual for your class.

Be punctual for appointments.

He is punctual in keeping appointments.

He is as punctual as a clock.

A punctual person can manage all the household chores and other tasks at the right time.

You should be punctual in the office.

When a person becomes punctual everything else falls into place.

A punctual person works on time without any hindrance.

The train arrived right on time, demonstrating the punctuality of the transportation system.

She is known for being punctual to every meeting, always arriving a few minutes early.

The teacher expects all students to be punctual and ready for class when it begins.

His consistent punctuality at work earned him a reputation for reliability and professionalism.

The bride made sure to be punctual for her wedding ceremony, not wanting to keep her guests waiting.

The employee’s repeated tardiness led to a warning from their supervisor about the importance of punctuality.

The bus driver’s punctuality ensured that the passengers reached their destinations without delay.

Being punctual for interviews is crucial to make a good impression on potential employers.

The project team set strict deadlines and emphasized the importance of punctuality to ensure timely completion.

The conference organizer emphasized the need for punctuality among the speakers to keep the event running smoothly.

The doctor’s punctuality in seeing patients allowed for a well-organized and efficient clinic schedule.

As a professional musician, she understood the importance of punctuality for rehearsals and performances.

The restaurant prided itself on its punctual service, ensuring that customers received their orders promptly.

The project manager appreciated team members who were punctual for team meetings, as it showed respect for everyone’s time.

The conference attendees were reminded to be punctual for each session to make the most of their learning opportunities.

The CEO set an example by always being punctual for board meetings, displaying a commitment to efficient decision-making.

The airline had a reputation for punctuality, rarely experiencing delays and ensuring passengers arrived at their destinations on time.

The student’s punctual submission of assignments impressed the professor, reflecting their dedication and time management skills.

The military recruits were trained to be punctual as part of their discipline and adherence to strict schedules.

The public transportation system was praised for its punctuality, providing commuters with reliable and timely service.

The conference attendees were reminded to be punctual for the keynote speaker’s address, as it was a highly anticipated session.

The company’s punctual delivery of products contributed to its reputation for exceptional customer service.

The wedding ceremony began exactly at the designated time, thanks to the punctuality of the bridal party and guests.

The professor appreciated students who were punctual for office hours, as it demonstrated their commitment to their studies.

The tour guide ensured that the group was punctual for each stop, maximizing their time to explore and experience the attractions.

The hotel staff prided themselves on their punctuality in providing wake-up calls and delivering room service orders promptly.

The project’s success relied on the punctuality of all team members in meeting project milestones and deadlines.

The commuter train’s punctuality allowed passengers to arrive at their destinations in a timely manner, avoiding unnecessary delays.


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