provides in a sentence

The newspaper provides us with up-to-date information about important political events, and topics of general interest.

The beauty of nautre not only provides peace and pleasure but also inspires.

A morning walk provides exercise for the body.

It provides a carefree atmosphere.

Cinema provides employment to millions of people across the country.

Medical science provides remedies and cures.

Agriculture provides raw materials to many industries.

It provides material for entertainment.

Whose shade provides shelter to many.

A good newspaper provides a variety of interesting and delightful topics.

According to experts the morning sun provides you with a good amount of vitamin D which is beneficial for your skin.

Morning walk provides me with a new spirit.

The tourism industry provides a platform for people of one country to understand the culture, lifestyle and thinking of people of another country.

Objectives provides us the guidelines for planning and formulating strategies.

Breakfast provides you nutrients and energy for concentration.

Education provides a wide horizon of gaining knowledge.

It provides much fun and amusement.

Internet provides unlimited sources of information and knowledge.

Nature provides us fruit and vegetables to fill our belly.

It provides us a sense of security.

Forgiveness not only pacifies our enemies but also provides us freedom from mental disturbance.

It provides me a lot of fun and joy.

The cow provides milk.

Morning walk provides refreshment to the mind.

Our institute provides various courses related to cookery.

Eating an egg in the morning provides a slow release of energy throughout the day.

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