provide in a sentence

The Education Ministry wants to provide pre-school education, especially of the English language, at anganwari centres.

Trees protect the environment and provide more oxygen to breathe in order to purify the lungs.

Forests provide us herbs, wood and wildlife.

Animals provide man with so many of his necessities of life.

A teacher should provide a positive feedback to a child.

The Supreme Court of India has become the first court in the country to provide e-filing of cases.

He has a large family to provide for.

We must provide for our children against the evil day.

Games provide us the necessary break from continuous work.

I request you to look into the matter seriously.

We have to provide food to people.

They provide solace in adversity.

What does it provide for?

Exercise & Fitness A stationary bicycle can provide an excellent workout.

Experts have found that turmeric extract can produce cardiovascular benefits that are similar to that which exercise can provide.

All these vitamins provide protection against fatal diseases.

We are ready to provide all necessary help to you.

His success will provide him and his family a secure future.

They provide us amusement and fun.

We should provide necessary requirements to our dependents.

Please provide reference and don’t spread false propaganda.

A healthy diet plan during pregnancy can help the mother provide the baby inside her of all the necessary nutrients essential.

These yoga poses will provide you relief from back and shoulder stiffness.

He worked hard to provide for his family.

Can we provide assistance?

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