Proud-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : प्रमाण्य, अभिमानपूर्ण, मग़रुर, स्वाभिमानी, गर्वी, अक्खड़, साध्य, सगर्व, शानदार, विशाल, अभिमानी, निडर, दंभी, घमण्डी, घमंडी, गर्वित, ऊंचा, अहंकारी

Adverb : गौरवान्वित

Example Sentences :

They feel proud of his qualities of head and heart.

He is too proud to take it lying down.

It was the proud moment of his life.

India has the proud privilege of being the world’s largest democracy.

He was so proud that he wouldn’t confess his fault.

What a proud fellow he is !

She was too proud to seek help.

I have lived a proud life.

He is too proud to ask for a loan.

The proud man was brought down by his defeat.

He is too proud to listen to anyone.

He was born of rich parents.

I’m proud of myself.

She was proud of herself.

I feel very proud to work with her.

They are proud of their work.

Are you proud of yourselves?

I felt very proud on that day.

We feel proud of you.

I am really proud of a friend like you.

I am proud of our friendship.

I was proud to announce it.

It is a proud moment for me:

Your fathers hug after seeing your good result makes you feel proud .

A lot of men like to be the proud owners .

We should be proud of our heritage and culture.

India is proud of its team and its achievement.

The country has every reason to be proud of its women.

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