Prosperity in a sentence

Prosperity Meaning in English

  • State of being successful
  • Act of prospering
  • good fortune

Prosperity Meaning in Punjabi

  • ਸਫਲਤਾ
  • ਖੁਸਹਾਲੀ
  • ਸੁਭਾਗ

Prosperity Meaning in Hindi

  • सफलता
  • समृद्धि
  • सौभाग्य

Example Sentences

  1. Diwali is the festival of wealth, prosperity and happiness.
  2. It is rightly said that prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them.
  3. Prosperity and success are the result of our thoughts and decisions.
  4. Your prosperity or poverty is a result of your thinking.
  5. Married ladies observe Karwa Chauth in order to ensure prosperity and long health of their husbands.
  6. He is leading a life of prosperity and luxury.
  7. Truthfulness is the best policy, we have to adapt it in our lives to attain peace, prosperity and happiness.
  8. Goodness in all walks of social life builds up civilization and brings peace and prosperity.
  9. Everybody desires prosperity.
  10. May prosperity be with you.
  11. Diwali is the festival of celebrating happiness and prosperity.
  12. Spreading the message of peace and prosperity is the need of the hour for the whole world.
  13. Agriculture and industry are the two pillars of economic prosperity.
  14. In prosperity a person has numerous friends.
  15. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  16. She is the epitome of strength, success and prosperity.
  17. Your prosperity and well-being depend on it.
  18. In China, red symbolizes prosperity.
  19. May this beautiful festival of Diwali fill your lives with joy, happiness, prosperity.
  20. We all strive for peace and prosperity.
  21. May peace, joy, prosperity come everybody’s way.
  22. we all want to bring in a lot of prosperity and happiness into our homes.
  23. May you enjoy prosperity in business !
  24. He is envious of his friend’s prosperity.
  25. May God bless you with prosperity !
  26. May you live in prosperity !
  27. Our future prosperity consists in hard work at this time.
  28. Prosperity gains friends, but adversity tries them.
  29. My father has paved the way for me to prosperity in life.
  30. Collection of simple & meaningful prosperity example sentences.
  31. He is leading a life of prosperity and luxury.
  32. We should not envy the prosperity of others.
  33. The reason of his prosperity is known to everyone.
  34. He is not jealous of the prosperity of his brothers.
  35. Prosperity gains friends, adversity tries them.
  36. May God bless you with long life and prosperity, my son!
  37. We pray for their prosperity and long life.
  38. Adversity and prosperity test our personality and help us to emerge stronger from the trials.
  39. Sufficient and timely rains promise a rich harvest and an all-round prosperity.
  40. Future happiness and prosperity depend on it.
  41. He labors day and night for the prosperity of his country.
  42. This will bring progress and prosperity to the nation.
  43. It is a mark of social progress and prosperity.
  44. The rains have brought prosperity to the farmers.
  45. I shall not stand in the way of your progress and prosperity.
  46. He is not disturbed by the material prosperity of his fellow beings.
  47. May you enjoy prosperity in business !
  48. May this occasion bring you all happiness and prosperity
  49. It is fast marching ahead to progress and prosperity.
  50. The prosperity of a country depends upon its citizens.
  51. A good man is not envious of the prosperity of his neighbors.
  52. They are the pivot of our prosperity.
  53. Every one wants peace, prosperity and progress.
  54. May God grant success and prosperity to you!
  55. May God bless you with health and prosperity !
  56. Man’s insatiable greed for material prosperity has irreparably damaged the environment.
  57. May God bless you with health and prosperity !
  58. He labors day and night for the prosperity of his country.
  59. We must grow more to bring prosperity to the country.
  60. The prosperity of his neighbor aroused the green-eyed monster in him.
  61. May God bless you with prosperity !
  62. May you enjoy prosperity in business !
  63. We should not envy the prosperity of others.
  64. May you live in prosperity !
  65. You must realize that prosperity does not last forever.
  66. This brings in prosperity and good luck.

Synonyms of Prosperity


  • We have an abundance of it in our country.
  • Unclean nails mean presence of germs in abundance.
  • How to distribute abundance is a great problem.
  • There were food and drink in abundance at the party.
  • Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want.
  • There is an abundance of pictures in the book.


  • The accomplishment of this task took many years.
  • Winning the prize was a great accomplishment for him.
  • The accomplishment of the task took several years.


  • I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation.
  • You should take advantage of the opportunity offered to you.
  • His height is a great advantage when he plays volleyball.
  • It will be to your advantage to study hard now.
  • I took advantage of my business trip to see the sights of Paris.
  • He saw no advantage in waiting any longer.


  • He informed me of the arrival of his plane.
  • We reached the station half an hour before the arrival of the train.
  • I looked up the arrival time in the timetable.
  • A rush-hour traffic jam delayed my arrival by two hours.


  • This law will benefit the poor.
  • The community will benefit from the new industry.
  • Choose such friends as will benefit you.


  • The 21st century saw the boom in the IT industry.
  • It gave me a birds eye view of the boom and the collapse of many companies.


  • He is in clover after winning a lottery.


  • Many a man does not do his duty towards his country.
  • At what time do you have to be in the office every day ?
  • Remove or give away the items you do not need.


  • I’m beginning to feel at ease when I speak in Chinese.
  • My mind is at ease believing you’ll keep the secret.
  • I felt ill at ease in the presence of the principal.
  • Technology has failed to ease the conflict between man and nature.
  • I never felt at ease in my father’s company.
  • I always felt ill at ease in my father’s company.


  • Further expansion of the trade is difficult.


  • These do not give us a cold shoulder when fortune ceases to smile on us.
  • Those who work hard in cities make a fortune in life.
  • He left an immense fortune to his children.
  • He risked his whole fortune to discover new oil fields.
  • He amassed a fortune in stock trading during the last boom.


  • We shall never forget these good days.
  • The new government is expected to bring about a good number of administrative reforms.
  • Natural food is not always good for our digestion.
  • The boss told his secretary to come up with a good idea by the end of the week.
  • Advice isn’t much good to me. I need money.
  • She writes a good hand though she is still only ten.

Good times

  • Let the good times roll.
  • Some people seemed to think the good times were going to last forever.


  • We can achieve a higher growth rate.
  • Co curricular activities help in overall growth of children.
  • It helps reduce inflammation, ease pain, draw out any infection and prevent growth of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Punjabi film industry’s growth has been commendable.


  • Preparing oats with yogurt will further increase its health quotient.
  • Such foods can irritate an ulcer further and can increase stomach acid.
  • We worked hard so as to increase our sales.
  • Crime is certainly on the increase in many of our big cities.
  • Adopting a low calorie diet will increase your lifespan.
  • The trend towards late marriage is going to increase more and more.


  • The inflation issue split the party.
  • The value of the dollar declines as the rate of inflation rises.
  • Interest rates and inflation were high.
  • Governments usually resort to price control when inflation has reached a certain level.


  • I lost not only the interest but also the capital.
  • They take more interest in watching a television program than their studies.
  • I felt pained to know that you are not taking interest in your studies.
  • Do they not take interest in their studies ?
  • Many of them do not show any interest even in their usual routine work.
  • Why he needs a car really doesn’t interest me.

Life of Luxury

  • They only believe in collecting money and leading a life of luxury.


  • She rejected marriage as well as luxury in life.
  • Milk is a luxury for most of the people .
  • It is very unfair that the rich should live in luxury and the poor do not have enough food to eat.
  • We do not age ourselves in any luxury as our duty is tough.
  • They are seeking a really good site for a grand luxury hotel.
  • The current definition of luxury has changed from brands to property.


  • I have a plenty work to do.
  • Unfortunately some have plenty while others live in want.
  • Geographically India is so located that it receives plenty of rain, light and sun.
  • We have plenty to offer.
  • There is plenty of time.
  • There was plenty of water.


  • I am told time and again by some pessimistic friends that riches have wings.
  • Why are good men indifferent to praise or riches ?


  • The reason of his success is very clear.
  • Their son’s success in the examination gave them great pleasure.
  • His success came of long years of perseverance.
  • His prospects of success are barred.


  • His victory is uncertain.
  • He won a victory gloriously.
  • Do you praise for this victory?
  • The victory is ours.


  • Health, wealth and everything else may be regained, but not time.
  • They want to acquire more and more material wealth to be happy.
  • Poverty with honesty is preferable to wealth obtained by unfair means.
  • He must always be guided by national interest and the welfare of all.
  • For people’s welfare India and Pakistan must bury the hatchet over Kashmir.
  • He looked upon it as his duty to see to the welfare of the people on his land.


  • He went to a hospital to inquire after the well-being of his friend.
  • Some come here to inquire after the well-being of their patient-relatives.
  • Parents must look after the well-being of their children.







The good life

Antonyms of Prosperity


This results in the fast decrease in the fertility of the soil.


  • The plan was doomed to failure from the start.
  • His complete absorption in games led to his failure in the examination.
  • On hearing the news of his failure at the examination, he disappeared.
  • In fact, your failure has come to me as a shock.
  • Her failure is not to be ascribed to want of diligence.
  • She did not let failure discourage her.
  • The failure resulted from his idleness.


  • His lack of confidence is a big problem.
  • You can check the lack of this vitamin by doing blood tests.


  • Flood waters cause much loss to life and property.
  • Cementing of canals and its banks has been assisting in curbing undue loss of water.
  • Here are surprising reasons your weight loss plan isn’t working.
  • It is a common form of hair loss in both men and women.
  • She is at a loss about what to say to him.
  • She was at a loss for words to express her feeling.


  • There should be some restriction on the use of loudspeakers.


  • During the monsoon season one of the main things that gardeners fear is the stagnation of water and the birth of pests controlling the garden.
  • Swelling can be caused by poor blood circulation.



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