properly in a sentence

Food should be properly cooked.

Books in a library are indexed and properly arranged.

Have you fastened the door properly?

No office, no school or college can run properly without punctuality.

Complete your tasks properly and never think about the results.

One should not choose a profession without thinking properly about it.

We should manage water properly.

If waste products and toxins generated in the body are not properly eliminated, they create an imbalance and generate stress.

People should help others in difficult times and behave properly.

Lack of concentration is another important factor that proves a hurdle in preparing for the exams properly.

To succeed, you need to think properly and at the same time, you require to have a proper vision.

It is not possible to teach properly if there is no discipline in the classroom.

The best way to get rid of acne and pimple is to keep the face thoroughly and properly cleaned, all the time.

When the underarm hair is not cleaned properly, there are rashes and lice in that part of the body.

I had not slept properly for two days

We should brush our teeth properly.

Money is a great blessing if handled properly.

I didn’t hear it properly

Sit and eat your lunch properly.

Did you sleep properly?

Are you brushing your teeth properly?

Please tie the label on the bottle properly so that it does not get away.

Please tear this piece of paper properly.

Scrape out dirt from the windowpanes properly.

You must handle the situation properly.

They are wise enough to use their time properly.

I could not do my work properly.

Can’t you behave properly ?

Without education, man cannot understand himself properly.

He was not schooled properly .

As a responsible official of a company you must behave properly.

He was too puzzled to speak anything properly.

He can’t judge the things properly.

Sit here properly.

She was not behaving properly.

Lock the house properly while going out.

Without education a man cannot understand himself properly.

Do your work properly.

She is not looking after her child properly.

You should be properly dressed.

The shower is not working properly.

No machine can work for long if it is not lubricated properly.

Behave properly or leave the room.

You should work properly.

He does not behave properly with the students.

Why are you not studying properly?

We must utilize it properly without wasting it.

It is not working properly though it has a one year guarantee against any technical defect.

I locked my scooter properly.

If we do not behave properly, we can’t expect better behaviour from others.

If we do not properly use it, we shall repent at a later stage.

The crockery is not washed properly.

It is neither filtered nor treated properly.

I could not study properly and so I failed in English.

The plants are not growing properly.

Do this work properly.

He is always dressed properly.

He cannot express himself properly in English.

The front wheel was not properly pumped

Do your work properly.

If he uses his time properly, he will succeed.

This habit of using time properly should be formed in youth.

He does not behave properly.

If machines are not handled properly they may cause havoc and dominate man.

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