proper in a sentence

If he makes proper use of time, he can prosper and be successful in life.

He never does anything at the proper time.

My mother keeps everything in the proper place.

Behave in a proper manner.

Do you keep your things at proper places?

One should not choose a profession thoughtlessly and without proper planning.

Arrangements should be made for proper sanitations.

Be a positive thinker and direct your life through a proper channel.

Many villages have no proper telecommunication system.

Our body needs proper exercises to tune all its parts.

Fat is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Timely and proper action are very important in our life.

Keep your papers, books and tools in their proper place.

Take proper diet in order to avoid freckles.

A proper name begins with a capital letter.

We should take proper rest before the day of examination.

I hope, you will give proper consideration to my suggestions.

Try to achieve a proper balance between work and play.

Every room of my house has a proper arrangement for air and light.

We fear an outbreak of Malaria and other diseases if proper steps are not taken.

Tearing pages out of a notebook is not proper.

Morning is the proper time for walking.

Everything there was neatly arranged and in its proper place.

We must take proper rest.

You can’t rely on him these days to do a proper job.

Do you think that is a proper answer to give ?

Arrange these words in their proper order.

My watch is in proper order.

I ordered my servant to arrange things in proper order.

We want proper medical facilities.

I did not think it proper to wake you up.

It’s not proper to talk this way.

Remind me of it at the proper time.

If you take proper care you have nothing to worry about.

Arrange all the ideas in a proper order.

He comes to school in proper uniform.

You must take proper rest.

Before you start writing an essay, make a proper and careful selection of the subject.

We must use long holidays in a proper way.

One should go out wearing proper woolen clothes.

Games are very useful for the proper development of our bodies.

They should be given proper guidance.

You should keep the books at the proper place, after reading.

A good building needs a proper sketch.

Make a proper plan and execute it well.

Giving your wife proper nutrition is very essential for both the mother and the child.

That’s not a proper thing to say.

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