promote in a sentence

I object to his being promoted.

We should promote communal harmony.

Festivals should be celebrated to promote national integration and communal harmony.

The SAARC and SAFTA have been established to promote economic and political cooperation among the Asian countries.

They promote national unity.

Television can be used to promote national unity.

Games promote international goodwill.

You should promote Punjabi folk songs.

He will promote you sooner or later.

Businessmen and industrialists move about in different parts of the world to promote their works.

The Department of Tourism was formed to promote international and domestic tourism in the country.

The need of the hour is to promote reading habits among students.

We should try to promote economic growth.

What are the measures you consider necessary to promote sports in the country?

He went to London to promote her next upcoming movie Toilet.

Onions contain soluble fibers which promote good bacterial growth in your intestine.

Peace of the mind definitely promote good health.

The cold compression would contract the blood vessels and promote clotting.

They promote blood circulation in your skin and nourish it whilst combating dullness.

water helps to promote blood circulation in the body.

It will promote hair growth and make your hair stronger and thicker.

It helps reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

Turmeric consumption may promote bone health.

We must promote commerce with neighboring countries.

We must promote sales.

Fresh vegetables promote health.

We started a program to promote industry.

The government should promote common welfare.

His job is to promote sales.

He worked hard to promote peace.

I will never promote something I don’t believe in.

The government started a program to promote industry.

He worked hard to promote peace.

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