Promise-word meaning in hindi

Noun : आशा, इकरार, प्रतिश्रुति, करार, नियम, प्रतिज्ञा, लक्षण, वचन, वादा, संकेत, स्वीकार

Adjective : आशाजनक, उदीयमान

Verb : होनहार होना, सम्भावना प्रकट करना, आभास देना, वचन हारना, वचन पूरा करना, प्रतिज्ञा पालन करना, आशा देना, नियम करना, वादा करना, भरोसा देना, विश्वास दिलाना, प्रतिज्ञा करना, प्रदान करना

Example Sentences :

He forgot his promise to go there.

She did not keep her promise to write to me.

I promise that I’ll be here tomorrow.

He kept his promise and helped his brothers.

I’ll be your best friend if you promise you’ll be mine.

I can’t promise anything

I promise you I won’t stay out too late.

You must make good on your promise to me.

Didn’t you promise never to tell a lie?

He has made a promise to come again.

She’ll certainly keep the promise she made to him.

I promise you every possible compensation.

Would you promise to keep in touch with me?

He didn’t keep his promise that he would telephone me soon.

He made a promise to take me to the movies.

He translated promise into actions.

She made a promise to write to me every week.

Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.

She will promise me a gift.

Unless you promise to help me, I will not tell you the secret.

I promise to behave better next time.

I promise that in future I shall be extra-vigilant to see it does not happen again.

Unless you promise to come again, I shall not let you go.

Do you promise to visit me during the summer vacation?

She held out a promise to me.

I remind you of your promise ?