profession in a sentence

This is the profession I wish to adopt in life.

What is his profession or social status ?

This profession will give peace and satisfaction to mind.

What is your profession ?

Agriculture is a major profession in this country.

The profession of a teacher is very respectable.

His profession brings out the best in him.

Farming is the most important profession in our country.

The profession of a lawyer was ideally suited to him.

What is the post or profession of your father ?

My profession is one that needs strenuous work and serious study.

One should not choose a profession thoughtlessly and without proper planning.

The profession of a teacher is a highly honourable one.

To me, the teaching profession appears to be the noblest and the best.

Teaching is thought to be a noble profession.

Teaching is a noble profession.

The profession of the snake-charmer is to catch and tame snakes.

The medical profession is a noble one.

I have no liking for the medical profession.

She has a leanings towards the Medical profession.

What is his profession?

I have a personal dislike for this profession.

Your knowledge will stand you in good stead in your profession.

I think it is a very interesting profession.

He knows all the ins and outs of this profession.

I am sure you would bring great laurels to your profession.

Teaching is an honourable profession.

I’m fond of the teaching profession.

An ideal teacher is fully dedicated to his profession.

He is an executioner by profession.

What is his profession?

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