problems in a sentence

What are the problems of city-life?

The maths problems were too complicated to solve without the teacher’s help.

Nobody is without problems.

Excuses make the problems worse than the problems itself.

He is not capable of sorting out his problems.

Sandalwood is beneficial in curing many skin problems.

We undergo many health problems time and again.

Small problems easily upset me.

We should not forget that problems are the doors to our success.

Whatever problems come your way they must be dealt sportingly.

She helps others in their problems.

Children have their own world, their own thoughts, and their own problems.

We can tackle bigger problems.

Last month I was surrounded by great problems.

He gives them a patient hearing and tries to sort out their problems.

I have a lot of problems on my mind.

I have no problems with such rules.

Some people are so engrossed in their own problems that they hardly have time to think of others.

We are still confronted with many problems.

All these problems need immediate action.

The increasing population has caused serious problems in every sphere.

Cardiac problems are on the rise because of obesity.

Each one of us has to face a number of problems in life.

He gives attention to his friend’s problems and offers unconditional love and support.

One should do one’s best to solve one’s problems.

He sat and contemplated on his problems.

Many environmental problems are due to the depredations of forests.

I am interested in social problems.

It can enlighten people on economic and political problems.

I shall try to understand their problems sympathetically.

New plans are hatched to find solutions to different problems.

It is going to solve many problems.

I You can get the better of your problems by working sincerely.

He knows well how to deal with problems.

My problems are just getting bad.

It is one of the grave problems

Let him solve his own problems.

She has problems of her own.

He didn’t want to talk about his problems.

Take some money until you sort out your problems.

They have a lot of problems.

He came to me with his problems.

It was going to solve many problems.

Environmental pollution has caused many problems.

He encountered many problems when he first started his job.

We are surrounded by many difficult problems.

My approach to all problems will be practical.

Each one of us has to face a number of problems in life.

His writings widely and deeply reflect the social problems of his time.

One should be bold and courageous enough to face all the problems and difficulties of life.

Poverty leads to many problems.

Overpopulation has caused serious problems in every sphere.

He is confident of overcoming all the problems and making his business a success.

kids are more prone to skin problems during summer.

Don’t ignore your problems .

Heart problems are very common these days especially in the people above years of age.

Some skin problems are so common that they keep happening all the days of the year for both men and women.

Slow lifting of wheat from grain markets has created problems for farmers .

There are many heart problems which can go undiagnosed until they become life-threatening.

Patients with blood pressure problems need to take care.

We have a lot of social problems to think about today.

The teacher assigned us ten problems for homework.

I have a lot of problems to solve.

There are a lot of problems we can’t avoid.

After a lot of problems she managed to learn to drive a car.

You mustn’t leave your problems unsolved.

He doesn’t talk about his problems much.

I’ll keep your problems in mind.

Have you solved all the problems yet?

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