Prices in a sentence

In case of sugarcane, the prices are announced by the government.

We are protesting against rising prices.

Prices of essential commodities go on rising day after day.

They were protesting against the hike in prices.

The prices of the essential articles are rising sky high.

Prices are ever on the increase.

Prices go up quicker than they go down.

His paintings sold at fabulous prices.

The prices have gone up so high that a poor man cannot get a square meal.

The prices of vegetables gone down ?

You can buy these garments at throw away prices.

Prices of all things are rising every day.

The prices have not gone up in these days.

The Government should exercise a strict control over the prices.

In these days of rising prices one finds it difficult to make both ends meet.

The prices are shooting up everyday.

In these days of high prices life has become a bed of thorns for the poor.

Can you believe the way prices are going up?

The prices are fast shooting up.

Hold on a little ; prices are sure to go up.

These days prices are up.

We want the government to freeze the prices.

There are no prices on this menu.

The following are the new prices of the items.

The soaring prices of goods are grinding people down.

He is selling some items at cheap prices.

The recent increase in prices has upset many a family budget.

Rising prices is the burning question of today.

The prices are going up these days.

The Government should bring down the prices.

The prices have been brought down by the government.

There is no hope that the prices will come down.

In large cities, land prices are exorbitant.

Did you think the prices of vegetables will go down soon.

As the prices of petrol are going up, it is becoming difficult for an average car owner to maintain his car.

This increasing demand leads to hike in prices.

The prices, as you know, have risen very high.

In these days of high prices, it has become a problem for the the middle class people to keep the wolf away from the door.

The prices are looking up.

The steep rise in prices has severely hit the poor and middle class people.

They are facing difficulties because of rising prices.

The rise in prices is the main cause of the unrest in the country.

The government should take immediate steps to control the prices of essential commodities.

The problem of rising prices has become very common.

Over population is the major factor for rise in prices.

Rising prices do not spare anyone.

The prices of most things are up.

If the prices of essential things go on rising, our life will become more and more difficult.

Rising prices are making life miserable.

Rising prices has become very common.

The prices of essential commodities are rising day by day.

The prices are shooting up these days.

I have to support a large family of seven which is very difficult in these days of high prices.

Hoarders create artificial shortage of goods and sell them at higher prices.

The rise in the prices of essential commodities is alarming.

The prices of the essential commodities are touching the sky.

There is no hope that the prices will come down.

It is expected that prices will go up further.

The prices are not stabilising.

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