prepare in a sentence

Did you prepare the breakfast ?

Did you prepare the lunch ?

Everyone tries his best to prepare for the crucial hour.

Failures prepare the ground for bigger things in life.

First and foremost, you need to prepare yourself for dating.

He did not prepare for his examination.

He may prepare the first draft in his own language.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

How do you prepare for your tests ?

How should people prepare before visiting another country?

I am saving money to prepare for the worst.

I am thankful to my alma mater, that helps me prepare for the opportunity.

I can prepare tea for you.

I didn’t prepare for it at all.

I had little time to prepare the speech.

I have joined an academy to prepare myself for the competition.

I have to prepare for the English test.

I have to prepare for the examination.

I have to prepare for the test in English.

I have to prepare for the test.

I must prepare for the exam.

I must prepare their breakfast.

I prepare my lessons and go to bed late in the night.

If you prepare well for the examination, there is no reason why you should not get through.

In the afternoons we rest and prepare for the long evenings.

It does not prepare them for future.

It gives ample time for the Government authorities to prepare for it in advance and cope with this problem.

It is necessary to prepare for the worst.

It took me a long time to prepare the meal.

Its Christmas and it is the best time of the year to prepare some of the best recipes.

Know about the way to prepare this drink.

My father is going to prepare some delicious food for me tomorrow.

My mother will prepare dinner.

Name the things that are needed to prepare a cup of tea.

Owing to ill health, she could not prepare the breakfast.

Plants need water to prepare their food.

Plants prepare food for themselves.

Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure.

Please light the stove and prepare tea for the guests.

Please prepare copy for a brochure.

Please prepare for the trip.

Prepare yourself well in advance for examinations.

Shall I prepare tea for you ?

She did not prepare her lesson properly.

She did not prepare well.

She knows well a way to prepare sweets and styles of cakes.

Students can use the details to prepare a debate on the topic of women empowerment and gender justice.

Students cannot study their books and prepare for the examination.

Students ought to prepare their lessons well.

The need to prepare for global leadership is crucial in this globalized world.

The recipe to prepare salmon and tomato fish curry is very simple.

There were many things that we needed to do to prepare for our trip.

Therefore a person can prepare solutions efficiently.

These farmers have to prepare the soil for different types of fruits.

They begin to prepare for the occasions a week before the actual festival.

They prepare the curriculum well and give it many revisions.

This is a simple sweet recipe that you can prepare for Janmashtami.

This is one of the simplest steps to prepare green tea toner.

This will prepare you for the struggle of life.

Trees can prepare their own food in the sunlight.

Wait a bit. I’ll prepare some for you.

We all need to prepare for it.

We all went home to rest and prepare for the next day’s celebrations.

We need a cook to prepare our food.

We need to prepare for the worst.

We were just given an hour to prepare for the test.

Why should you not prepare seriously for the Interview ?

Will you prepare tea ?

Will you prepare tea for me ?

Will you prepare tea for us ?

You don’t need to prepare a formal speech.

You had better prepare yourself for the next game.

You may as well prepare for your examination.

You must prepare yourself for the worst.

You should prepare for the worst.

You should prepare for tomorrow’s lessons.

You should prepare your lessons.

You will not prepare tea.