practise in a sentence

You must practise at least an hour a day.

We must practise what we preach.

Efficient officers do not practise red-tapism.

If you practise, you learn it.

Conquetry is an art which only a few ladies can practise.

They practise regularly.

I practise law.

He practises what he preaches in life.

It is easier to preach than to practise.

It is not so easy to practise as to preach.

We practise what we preach.

I practise music for an hour everyday.

In your daily routine, constantly practise humility and humbleness.

My sons practise music for two hours daily.

Musicians practise for many hours a day.

We must practise virtue.

It is easier to preach than to practise.

One must practise what one preaches.

I practise yoga.

Let us practise playing hockey.

With practise you will be able to stay for a long duration.

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