potential in a sentence

Parents and teachers judge students’ potential through examinations.

Education enables a man to realise his potential both mentally and spiritually.

People do not know their true potential, and most never try to explore it.

Where there is confidence there is potential to succeed.

Can you see the potential?

Those who do not have faith in their own potential are unaware of their real worth.

A self-sufficient person knows his potential and never fails in life.

Self-belief teaches us to acknowledge our potential and grow in life.

We should fine-tune and focus all our inner potential and produce our best.

All great people rose amongst their contemporaries by will-power and realizing their inner potential.

Be positive and grow your potential.

Every one of us should know one’s potential and core competency.

New challenges develop new potential.

Self-confidence is the basis of all potential.

Believing in yourself is the key to make people believe in your potential.

Sun, wind, water and the heat inside the earth have tremendous potential for energy production.

He has potential for this kind of job.

You have a great potential in you.

He is a potential leader.